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Cargo Bike Business

Haul fruit by supermarche

Conquer the conundrum of downtown delivery

If you want to move your goods and gear faster, save money on gas and have happy, healthy employees then consider a cargo bike!  From gritty chainsaws to delicate cupcakes, our cargo bikes have hauled it all. We design tough bikes that can carry any load and stand up to daily use. It’s time to think outside the delivery van! 

YUBA Enterprise Program (YEP)

Our cargo bikes are fully customizable with awesome Add-Ons and fully affordable with our special B2B pricing. From pizza slices to plumbing supplies, we’ve got you covered.

  • B2B Pricing
  • Cargo Bike Fleets
  • Customized Cargo Bikes + Bags

Interested in carrying your goods & gear by cargo bike for your business?

Get in touch with a Yuba cargo bike expert today!

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6 thoughts on “Cargo Bike Business

  1. This is such a neat idea!!

  2. Clay guinard says:

    What types of businesses I mean all types of businesses do you have a list of them that people own and operate by working off their bicycle using their bicycle as an income

    1. Mathilde Redien says:

      We have a lot of different things : gardeners, plumbers, physiotherapists, delivery, bee keeper, …

  3. Yann Morales-DIAZ says:

    What front load capacity?

    1. Mathilde Redien says:

      200kg total 🙂

  4. Ken Bennett says:

    Hrllo, I’m a journalist working for local and national medía based in greater manchester. Do you have any three wheeled machines ? Rgds Ken bennett 07802 966922

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