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Mini Soft Spot

Mini but mighty! Please note that the pricing listed is for each Mini Soft Spot.  

Soft Spot

Weatherproof comfort for backseat riders! Please note that the pricing listed is for each Soft Spot.

Bamboo Deck Kombi

Support your most precious cargo ! 

Kombi E5


The best value for experiencing the e-cargo bike lifestyle

Discover the Kombi E5, the most affordable electric-assist longtail in the Yuba range with a 440 lbs payload capacity!

Roots Kickstand

Full stability for your most precious cargo !

Supercargo CL


Our Californian front-loader

Piloting this bike with 4 children or bulky loads has never been so easy.

Grab & Go

Yuba Bikes XTRA LoadYuba Bikes Waterproof NEW! The Grab & Go, the bag that follows your lead.  

Spicy Curry AT (All-Terrain)


A unique cargo bike for adventures beyond pavement.

Looking to go on an adventure? Discover the Spicy Curry All Terrain, designed to adapt your ride to any trail.

Yuba Gift Card

Give the gift of a more sustainable lifestyle.

MBB Surfboard Rack


Yuba Bikes XTRA Load

Surfing on the go ! 



Make Room for a Third!



Yuba Bikes XTRA Load

Bring your ride session to the next level!