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I register my Yuba to access the warranty and after-sales service

Protect Your Investment

Knock on wood. Should you ever need your serial number for a police report or insurance claim we’ll have it safely saved for you.

Top-notch Customer Service

We can tell a lot from your registration information like which Yuba dealer is close by or which cargo bike model you ride. This info helps us provide the best customer service you deserve.

Get Extra Credit

As a bonus for registering your Cargo Bike with us, we’ll send you a $25 credit to the online Cargo Bike Store. (USA only)



Ready? Great, just gab a pen and paper, jot down your serial number and answer a few questions on the Registration form. It will just take a minute.

Please note: Yuba Registration program is available to the Original Owners only.



Customer Service
Kristi Shirley