Benefits to Registering Your Yuba

Protect Your Investment

Knock on wood. Should you ever need your serial number for a police report or insurance claim we’ll have it safely saved for you.

Top-notch Customer Service

By giving us some helpful information about your Yuba bike, we can give you tailored information about your local dealers – and it helps us provide you with the best possible customer service.

Become A Yuba Aficionado

When you register your bike, you become an official Yuba Aficionado! Besides receiving a free Welcome Box, you will have access to exclusive Aficionado benefits and offers.


Ready? Great, just note down your serial number and answer a few questions on the registration form. It will just take a minute.

Please note: the Yuba registration program is available to the original owner only. Each bike must be registered using a unique email address. To register your second or third (and so on) bike, please make sure to use another email address for each bike.