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Yuba Surfboard Rack – Let’s Go Surfing

Get stoked for your new best friend that doesn’t mind carrying your board: the MovedByBike Surfboard Rack helps you haul (almost) every sized board with your Yuba cargo bike. Don’t worry about parking spots or parking tickets, carry your board by bike and beat everyone to the next set of waves. 

Waves Are Calling

The weather forecast and wave report look good, it’s time to turn your Yuba cargo bike into a serious board-hauler and head to the beach. Whether foamie, soft top, boogie board, SUP or short board, (almost) every board is welcome aboard the MovedByBick Surfboard Rack

Click & Go

Every beach day comes to an end and your Monday commute might not need a board. The quick-release system let’s you pop out the bars in a matter of seconds. Easily store the rack’s bars off the bike and simply click ’em back in once the waves are calling again. You can keep the clamps installed while switching your cargo bike setup with other cargo or passenger Add-Ons.

Yuba Spicy Curry Surfboard Rack Click System

Safety First

The rack’s padded bars protect your favorite board from scratches. The optional Yuba Cargo Straps make it easy to properly tie down the precious cargo before hitting the road. 

Yuba Spicy Curry Surfboard Cargo Straps

Compatible With Many Yuba Cargo Bikes

All Yuba models of the Kombi, Kombi E5, Boda Boda, Spicy Curry, Spicy Curry AT and Mundo series are compatible with the rack and ready to roll down to the beach.  

Yuba Spicy Curry Surfboard Couple Beach

Bring More Than Just Your Board

Be ready for a whole day at the beach and bring more than just your board. Depending on your model, your Yuba cargo bike can carry your favorite Add-Ons such as the Baguette Bag, the 2-Go Cargo Bags or the Go-Getter Bag and the surfboard rack at the same time. Pack all the beach essentials – and who says you can’t do the grocery run on the way home as well?

MovedByBike Surfboard Rack

Easy-to-use and lightweight surfboard rack for a wide range of boards makes your Yuba cargo bike the best surf buddy you could hope for.

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