Moving On Up – the Cargo Bike Way

yuba bikes moving day load
Transporting the Final Loads on Our Yuba Cargo Bikes

Hauling Cargo On Bikes As A (Growing!) Team

The cargo bike community and Yuba family continue to grow! We’ve expanded so much that our previous space in San Juan Capistrano wasn’t big enough to hold us anymore, so after just 8 months, we’ve now moved to Lake Forest, California. Naturally, we decided to save the best part for last, and use a fleet of cargo bikes to move the last load into our new office.

We put together several cargo bikes decked out with add-ons to cover the 16 miles in style: an Electric Mundo, a Spicy Curry, and a Boda Boda carried boxes of marketing materials, toolboxes and a bike pump securely fastened with Cargo Straps; a Spicy Curry All Terrain with a strategically-placed Ring secured a microwave and a recycle bin; another Spicy Curry’s Monkey Bars held the office’s favorite yoga ball; and an Electric Mundo equipped with a Towing Tray towed a road bike along with its cargo of office supplies.

Cargo Bikes As Moving Vans

“There’s no better way to celebrate our growth and begin a new chapter at our Lake Forest office than by bringing the last of the items by cargo bike,” said Benjamin Sarrazin, Founder and CEO of Yuba Bicycles. “This trip was a nod to the Boda Boda – a means of transportation in East Africa that inspired me to create a model of the same name shortly after starting the company. Cargo bikes are the most cost-effective and sustainable mobility solutions available today, and while certainly great for carrying people, they can also easily carry anything from bushels of bananas to stand-up-paddle boards and everything in-between.”

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Why Transport Our Office Gear by Cargo Bike?

Sustainable transportation is in our DNA. We couldn’t think of a better way to show just how much you can do with cargo bikes than to make them a part of our moving project. You can do the job right, get some exercise, breathe some fresh air, and have some fun – all at the same time. 

yuba bikes moving day team at office

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