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Bread Basket

So much more than a bike basket. Shipping in July  

Soft Spot

Weatherproof comfort for backseat riders! Shipping in July

Go-Getter Bag

Up to 21 gallons of Cargo Space !

Bamboo Deck Spicy Curry & Boda Boda

Support your most precious cargo!

Bamboo Side Boards Spicy Curry

Safety, comfort and stability for all of your passengers!  


Lightweight, waterproof, durable and easy to use!

Bamboo Side Boards Boda Boda

Safety and Stability for all of your Passengers ! 

Bamboo Boards Mundo

Safety and Stability for all your Passengers !

Towing Tray Combo

A way to carry bikes with you!

Roots Kickstand

Full stability for your most precious cargo !

Carry-On Spicy Curry

Utility Mode, Activated !