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Riding Towards A More Sustainable Business With Cargo Bikes

Yuba Supermarché Cargo Bike Brewery Hauling

How A Cargo Bike Helped A Brewery Become More Sustainable & Connect With The Community

The cargo bike lifestyle is for everyone. The Yuba Bicycles team is enthusiastic about how cargo bikes shape a more sustainable future. That’s why we love to share stories about families and businesses that think the same. 

Yuba Blog Moderation Brewing Company Logo

If you take a closer look at the logo of Moderation Brewing in Brunswick, ME, you can make out a bicycle wheel in the background – for a good reason: Equipped with Yuba’s Electric Supermarché, the brewery is not only able to offer pedal-powered bike delivery, but rides positive change towards a more sustainable business as a whole. We sat down with the founders Mattie and Phil to learn more about how easy it is to run a business on two wheels instead of four. 

Through a collaborative effort of the local bike coalition and bike shop, Moderation Brewing has had the opportunity to ditch the car for a cargo bike.

Mattie: “Small businesses can highlight that there’s a way to use cargo bikes for more than recreation and commuting.”

Electric Supermarché Pedal-Powered Delivery

A Fun Delivery For The Community

The Electric Supermarché is a front-loader cargo bike that makes it easy for small businesses to haul anything and adopt the cargo bike lifestyle. An electric assist motor by Bosch and a payload of more than 400 pounds help get things done sustainably. For Phil and Mattie, it is also a unique way to stay connected with the community during this year’s exceptional times:

Mattie: With not having the tasting room open due to the pandemic, we are missing our community – that is something we’ve been really struggling with. And just within a week of having the bike, it’s been able to fill that void. And, we’ve had people like hoot and holler and wave. Everyone is smiling at us!” 

As many local businesses, Moderation Brewery has a big customer base that lives around distance. This is why it was just common sense for Phil to choose a bike: “It just made sense to offer the delivery by bike.”

After launching the pedal-powered delivery, word-of-mouth clicked into gear. The orders kept on coming in, way beyond the initial expectations. More deliveries means more miles for the delivery team – no problem with the bike’s 250W motor and the 500Wh battery from Bosch. 

Phil: “We can definitely expand the footprint because the bike just makes it possible to go further.”

More Sustainability For Every Business

Yuba’s electric cargo bikes can go further. Not only regarding the distance and the payload, but especially when it comes to helping get business done sustainably. For Mattie and Phil, sustainability has played a key role in many decisions regarding their venture:

Mattie: When we sat down and did our vision statement, one of the top things was to have a sustainable business that really tied in and highlighted Maine agriculture and the community we have locally in Brunswick.

Besides the powerful and reliable motor, the other high-quality components of the Electric Supermarché make it a reliable, durable and smooth cargo bike ride for any business. Unlike other vehicles, the maintenance is definitely no-hassle and Phil and Mattie don’t spend money at the gas station either. If the Yuba bike is not fulfilling deliveries, it is parked and charged inside the brewery. The battery is mounted on the frame and can be charged on the bike or removed and charged inside. 

Phil: “It’s basically just like charging your phone. It’s just that easy. You just plug it in and it works”

A positive surprise for the two were the lights of the front loader cargo bike. A small component that makes a big difference regarding the safety on the road. 

100% Sustainability As The Goal

Yuba Cargo Bike Electric Supermarché Small Business

Besides the complete renovation of the building to make it energy efficient, minimization of waste water, the brewery is now highlighting sustainable practices and goods in every brewing aspect. Today, most of the brewery’s ingredients are locally sourced and come within a 30 mile radius or less – a distance that is covered by the Electric Supermarché with its spacious Open Loader Add-On. And, it seems like Mattie and Phil are still riding further: 

Mattie: “In the next few years, we would love to keep working towards that 100 percent sustainability goal.”

For Moderation Brewing and many other businesses, incorporating the cargo bike is a way towards more sustainability and lowering the carbon footprint. One mile travelled by car produces roughly a pound of CO2 – a cargo bike makes a difference. 

It is inspiring to see small businesses like Moderaton Brewing. Making a difference and going the extra mile (by bike) towards a more sustainable future. All of Yuba’s cargo bikes can ride change and help families and businesses become a little bit more sustainable in a fun way.

Cargo Bikes For Business

From gritty chainsaws to delicate cupcakes, our cargo bikes have hauled it all. We design tough bikes that can carry any load and stand up to daily use. It’s time to think outside the delivery van. The Electric Supermarché front-loader cargo bike moves people and businesses.

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