Yuba_Supermarché_White_Kids_Twins_USA triangler-slider Electric Supermarché

New at Yuba The Swiss Army Knife
of Cargo Bikes
Yuba White Spicy Curry V3 triangler-slider Spicy Curry New V3 at Yuba More power to you
– go anywhere, do it all
Yuba Yellow Kombi triangler-slider The Kombi New at Yuba An affordable cargo bike
for everybody
Yuba Electric Mundo Kids Go Getter triangler-slider Electric Mundo New at Yuba The Minivan of
Cargo bikes
with Turbo boost

Uniquely YUBA

California Yubabikes

Designed in CA

Conscientiously designed in Northern California by our team of experts – who also happen to be bike commuters, parents, and all-around good people



A simple solution for a more sustainable life. The best way to minimize environmental impact is to make small, daily choices to limit that impact

Safety & Trust

Your safety is our top priority. Our bikes exceed the highest global safety requirements; extra security features like bells and front and rear lights come standard

Montagne vélo Cargo

Built to last

We’re big on real-world testing and reliability, and the result is a durable cargo bike that can haul your kids – and your kids’ kids

An accessory for every adventure

Like a favorite multi-tool, our bikes pack surprises around every corner. From weekday hauler to weekend hammer, we make the ultimate tool for your next ride.

Find the perfect Yuba Cargo Bike!

Front Cargo

Supermarché Bosch

uper-size your cargo capacity

Supermarche cargo bike

Full-Size Cargo

Spicy Curry Bosch

long-tail made for big loads and wiggly kids

Spicy curry

Compact Cargo

The Kombi

ombining our best at the entry level

Kombi Yuba

Slide yuba-life-earth WHY CHOOSE YUBA Everything we do at Yuba Bicycles we do to help change the way people commute while carrying gear, humans, pets and more. Yuba exists to limit environmental degradation by making distinct, active, boundary-pushing, mobility solutions. We strive to create a cleaner, more equitable and inspiring new world.
With more than 14 years of experience solely focused on the cargo bicycle category, Yuba Bicycles designs and manufactures award-winning, premium bicycles and accessories, and is considered a global leader in its niche.
LEARN MORE ABOUT YUBA For a more sustainable planet fleche

Life with a Yuba bike  plus


A Warranty as Strong









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