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Yuba electric and pedal-powered bicycles meet all International and European safety Standards.



All our bikes are hand-built using the best names in components, electronics and materials.


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With over 40 accessories, nobody has your cargo carrying needs covered like Yuba.

Yuba believes in the power of bicycles

At Yuba, we believe that bicycles can transform lives and society positively. Our mission is to enable a healthier, happier, more joyful, more economical, more practical, more sustainable lifestyle by creating bikes that allow people to carry their most precious cargo and therefore reduce car trips.
Through innovative design, focused market research and the application of the best modern technologies, Yuba provides a clean mobility solution for parents, children, commuters, businesses and entrepreneurs with the largest and most practical selection of pedal-powered and electric-assist cargo bikes.

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  • Electric Cargo

    Electric Cargo

    Magically turn stressful transportation time into quality family time when you trade in your car for a Yuba electric cargo bike! Carry the kiddos, groceries, gym equipment and the family pet, all while getting as much, or as little, exercise as you'd like that day.
  • Full-Size Cargo

    Full-Size Cargo

    Replacing minivans and delivery trucks for the past 10 years! Whether you're delivering your homemade goods to local customers or dropping the kiddos at school, our full sized cargo hauling machines will help you deliver your precious cargo with ease and style.
  • Kids Cargo

    Kids Cargo

    Balance bikes offer the chance to learn balancing skills and adopt the love of bicycles without the distraction of clumsy training wheels. The Flip Flop takes the balance bikes to a new level. The lowest seating position gets your kiddo riding earliest. Plus, of course, we included a little cargo rack for toys, snacks and imaginary friends.
  • Compact Cargo

    Compact Cargo

    Our compact cargo bikes are the perfect urban people movers. With light, nimble steering and a smooth cruiser feel, you'll barely notice the cargo on the rear rack. Carry two kiddos, groceries, park day supplies and more, all without breaking a sweat. And there's an All-Terrain version for you wild riders who like to take the trail to the farmer's market.
  • Front-Loader Cargo

    Front-Loader Cargo

    Haul everything and the kitchen sink with our front loading cargo bike. The dual cable steering, extra low front cargo rack and a 90 degree steering radius all add up to a serious cargo hauling machine that steers like butter and turns heads everywhere you go.

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