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Precious Cargo

Yuba Supermarché Precious Cargo Dog

Carrying precious cargo with a cargo bike is easy as 1,2,3 or A,B,C. We’ve provided some great resources and fun stories below to help you dive in pedals first.

Everybody’s Best Friend

There are lots of ways to bring your pet along for the ride. Here are just a few options to try with your guys.

How to Haul Your Dog (or cat) by Cargo Bike

Famous Cargo Bike Dog: Where’s Bixby

Our Fave Cargo Bike #dogsofinstagrambageltheblueheeler

We love to see dogs on Yubas! Show us your best #cargobikedog by tagging @yubabicycles.

Carrying The Most Precious Cargo: Kiddos

Our bikes are designed to grow with your family. From 1 to 21 your little rider will find the perfect perch on your cargo bike.

How to haul your most precious cargo, the kiddos

Still have questions? We have answers!

We’re happy to answer all your cargo bike questions, explain the different models and help you adopt the cargo bike lifestyle, your way. So you will be all set for carrying precious cargo with a cargo bike.

Get in touch with a Yuba Cargo Bike Expert today.

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