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All In For The Environment – Charlie Bee Company and the SuperCargo CL Electric Cargo Bike

Charlie Agar, known from the TV show Charlie Bee Company, uses his Yuba SuperCargo CL for his daily work as a beekeeper in New Braunfels, Texas. Whether it is hauling bee hives to a new habitat or setting up his booth at the local farmer’s market, Charlie replaces his car with Yuba’s electric front-loader cargo hauler – for a more sustainable future: All In For The Environment with Yuba’s SuperCargo CL electric cargo bike.

A Guest Blog By Charlie Agar

All In For The Environment

Climate change is a serious concern for bees and beekeepers, so with my growing honey bee business in the Texas Hill Country I wanted to do things a little differently.

I’ve long struggled with the paradox of burning gallons of fossil fuel to support my bee colonies and in 2019 I started looking for ways to minimize my environmental impact. That’s when our team found Yuba Bicycles and its SuperCargo front-loader cargo bikes.

My wife and I live with our three little dogs and backyard chickens on a suburban hilltop in New Braunfels — right in the heart of the Texas Hill Country. I don’t keep any hives in our backyard because the neighbors are so close, so I am always on the move to my outlying bee yards, and the Electric SuperCargo is a great alternative to all that windshield time and fuel burned.

Charlie Agar Family Fun Electric Supermarché Yuba

The second revelation: it feels very stable when riding with a load. Anyone who has ridden with wiggly kids in a seat behind the rider knows how their movements can drastically affect the handling of the bike. Even a very experienced rider can get thrown off their line by a sudden movement out back. This bike is different. The cargo load placed down low helps maintain a low center of gravity with stable and predictable handling. When wiggly kids are strapped into their seats, their movements don’t matter nearly as much. This makes for a more relaxing riding experience, and it also makes it much easier for my wife to comfortably ride around while hauling two kids.

A Fun Ride That Hauls It All

With its carrying capacity of 440 pounds, the cargo bike can carry hive boxes and equipment as I head out to feed and maintain my nearby colonies. When I do bee removals, I can just toss my vacuum and tools in the front cargo area – no problem at all. And there’s nothing more fun than loading up the bike with jars of honey and making door-to-door deliveries on my Yuba.

Beyond the feel-good of minimizing my own carbon footprint, I just love riding the bike. I can see, smell and hear everything as I head out to the bee yards. I get up close and personal with the roadside forage that feeds my busy bees, literally “smelling the flowers” as I go. And with the wind whistling through my helmet, I get a real feel for the weather and what’s going on much more than when I’m inside my vehicle.

I usually wear my bee jacket when I ride the Yuba and carry all kinds of gear – even my 40-gallon sugar water tank sometimes – so I get lots of honks and thumbs-up out on the road.

People even stop me and ask about the bike. They want to know how it works or say they just love it. And the SuperCargo CL has become as much a part of my company brand as my swollen eyes and pin pricked hands from bee stings.

“Do a little something that makes a difference.”

My parents live a few blocks away from us and the Yuba is also our shuttle service back and forth to their house, with my wife and three dogs often riding up front, or even potluck dishes and once a Thanksgiving turkey.

With my electric-assist bike I’m saving money, I’m saving gas, I’m saving the environment and I’m saving bees. It feels good to be able to do a little something that makes a difference.

Buzz beyond the bee hives: Charie Bee TV Series

My work with bees has become the subject of a reality TV series now in production, and I’m excited at the chance to spread the word about electric-assist cargo bikes. For more information, visit CharlieBee.com or give me a follow on Instagram

Charlie Bee Company Saving Environment With Yuba Electric Supermarché

Watch the “Charlie Bee Company” in action: All In For The Environment with Yuba’s electric SuperCargo CL bike. Our video below gives you a glimpse of Charlie’s life on a Yuba.

The Electric Supermarché

Powered by the Bosch Perfomance CX pedal-assist motor

The Supermarché fits nearly every rider thanks to a low step-through frame with adjustable stem and seat post. The extra-low front cargo rack, lightweight frame and double-cable steering give you confidence and control, no matter what you’re hauling home.

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