Yuba Bicycles Manufacturing Code of Conduct


Yuba Bicycles is committed to creating a fair, safe and non-discriminatory working environment for the people who manufacture our products. Yuba Bicycles expects that our manufacturing partners and suppliers hold the highest achievable standards to ensure full compliance with Yuba Bicycles’ Supplier Code of Conduct in addition to applicable local laws and regulations. By agreeing to this code of conduct, the supplier’s senior management will ensure implementation and enforcement of the code or risk termination of the business relationship.


Supplier will provide Yuba with open communication about their business and employment status, as well as full disclosure of locations and conditions of facilities, producing Yuba’s product. Suppliers will also guarantee the authenticity of their certifications and licenses.  Suppliers will report any incident that goes against the code of conduct.

Non- Discrimination

Supplier will not discriminate against employment, especially based on the perceived characteriscs of age, ancestry, color, disability, ethnicity, gender, gender identity, gender expression, genetic information, marital status, medical condition, military or veteran status, national origin, immigration status, political affiliation, pregnancy and related conditions, race, religion, retaliation, sex (including sexual harassment), sexual orientation or any statuses protected by applicable law.

Harassment and Abuse

Supplier will commit to safe and fair working conditions. Supplier will not use any harsh or inhumane treatment, including but not limited to physical, mental or emotional disciplinary abuse.

Recruitment and Hiring

Supplier will ensure work is voluntary. Suppliers will not use any form of forced, exploitational, underage, slave or prison labor.

Hours of Work

Supplier will restrict workers to no more than 60 hours per week and will allow at least one day off for every seven days worked (except under exceptional unforeseen circumstances). Supplier will comply with all applicable laws and regulations including overtime compensation in applicable areas.

Freedom & Collective Bargaining 

Supplier will recognize and respect the legal rights of employees. Where the right to freedom of association is restricted under law, employers will allow their employees to raise any job-related grievances they may have without penalty or threat of reprisal.


Supplier will meet, at a minimum, all legal requirements for wages and benefits. Supplier will provide their employees with at least the minimum wage or the local industry wage, whichever is higher.

Health and Safety

Supplier will provide and maintain a safe and healthy working environment in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations. The same standards will apply to residential facilities, where they are offered. 


Supplier will comply with all applicable environmental laws and regulations and adopt credible, proactive measures to mitigate negative impacts on human health and the environment. This includes but is not limited to minimizing waste, minimizing energy/water consumption and minimizing carbon emissions.


Supplier is encouraged to engage directly or through partnerships in projects that improve the social well being of employees and their families in the local community.