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At Yuba, we believe that we are all capable of moving towards a sustainable future together. Getting a cargo bike is a great first step that changes the way you travel and transport, and leads to a more active and sustainable lifestyle. Your environment will thank you! We mean your own bubble as well: your city, your family, your friends, and, of course, your own body.

Sustainability Meets Community

To spread the word about the cargo bike lifestyle and the positive impact it has on the world around us, we created Yuba Smart. We want to share why we do what we do, engage in meaningful community building, and live our values out loud – and we want you to come along for the ride!

This project focuses on two important aspects of Yuba: sustainability and our community. We invite you to learn (or rediscover!) something new about our brand, cargo bikes in general, or even just Yuba’s relationship to the world around us.

Share Your Ideas. We’re Smarter Together.

We also want this to be a place of sharing. We want to hear from you about topics that you are interested in knowing more about, we want to see pictures of yourself with your bike and your family or business, we want to hear your funny anecdotes, or what you’re dying to know about us. Anything that can make our community just a bit Smarter than the day before.

We decided to call it Yuba Smart, because we can all make conscious efforts to act a bit smarter every day. Smarter for the planet, for our future, and for what we leave behind for our kiddos. So hop onboard with us and become a part of a brand new era of cargo, where Yuba bikes run the world 🌎

Use the comment section below to share your photos, comments and anecdotes about your way to a Smarter and more sustainable Yuba lifestyle. 


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3 thoughts on “Discover Yuba Smart & Join The Movement

  1. Madeline Duffin says:

    I bought my yuba mondo 10 years ago after realizing my masden bike did not do well in the winter in calgary, ab. I was transporting my son to day care in a chariot then transitioned to a masden then bought the yuba with the flying carpet and grab bars for my then 6 year old son to hang onto for the ride home from school. Now he is riding his own bike to high school. I ride all year to commute to work, get groceries with side bags and a box that i strap to the deck. I love my yuba, it has allowed me to continue to live my car free lifestyle all year long.

  2. Ted says:

    Riding our dog around in our Supermarche gets nothing but smiles from pedestrians, other people on bikes and even drivers! It’s been a workhorse for getting groceries carrying small humans and even a 35 mile one way camping trip!

  3. Dennis says:

    Love this initiative! I can only say that we’ve been saving quite some time when running errands with the Mundo: no need to look for parking, pulling up right in front of the store, and avoiding the street parking madness in our neighborhood on the way back. #yubasmart

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