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Carry Kiddos As Cargo

kids on the back of a cargo bike

Welcome to an introduction to hauling your most precious cargo, the kids. Every one of our bikes are designed to grow with your family.  From one to twenty-one you can haul your most precious cargo with confidence and comfort.  We’re provided breakdown on the best way to haul them as they grow like weeds, along with all the groceries, backpacks and soccer balls you can carry. Carrying kids on a Yuba cargo bike will be a breeze:

Carry the littlest riders as cargo 

Kiddos from age 1 to 6 years of age (up to 40 lbs.) will be safest strapped in a child seat.  We love the Yepp Maxi EasyFit child seat (Thule) like whoa and we can’t recommend it enough!  With two mounting bracket integrated into the rear rack the seat can come and go with the turn of a dial.

The big kids – Bringing the family on the cargo bike

Kiddos who are ready to ditch the “baby seat” for the big kid seat will be tickled to meet the Adjustable Monkey Bars and Soft Spot, the perfect combo for our big kids who still get distracted or like to nap on bike rides. The Monkey Bars are adjustable to your needs, keep em’ snug or give some room to squirm around.

Double digits – Carry kids of all ages on cargo bikes

Now that they’ve grown like a weed and are old enough to climb aboard, pay attention and hold their own, they will be ready to ditch the Monkey bars for a pair of Hold-On Bars for their hands and Running Boards for their feet.  

Next you’ll be sending your Yuba to college with them so they can cargo their way around campus, loaded up with textbooks, pizza and new friends.

Yuba spicy Curry City 2go bag Bread Basket

The Hold-On Bars combined with the Soft Spot and the Running Boards make for a comfortable ride.

Got more questions about how to carry your kids with Yuba cargo bikes?

Wed be happy to answer them! Just shoot us an email at [email protected].  Our cargo bike experts have all the tricks and tips to help your family rock the cargo bike lifestyle!

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