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What Is The Best Kickstand For Your Cargo Bike?

Yuba Kombi E5 Grocery

Find The Kickstand You Need

With a large number of available Yuba Add-Ons, we have the products that match your cargo bike to its intended application. Whether you are hauling gear, kiddos, your spouse, partner or friend – or even items from your small business with your Yuba, there is one thing you don’t want to happen: having your bike and its precious cargo tip over.

That’s why we developed two kickstands that not only do the job, but make handling your fully-loaded cargo bike a breeze. This post will help you understand the differences and find The best kickstand for your Yuba cargo bike.

Double Kickstands – A “Must” For Cargo Bikes

If you think of a kickstand, the image that comes to mind is probably a one-sided kickstand. Standard bikes are typically equipped with a one-sided kickstand that is either mounted close to the center or the rear of the bike. Even some cargo bikes have used this type in the past. But today – for cargo bikes – this is often not enough: When you are loading up cargo or have kids mount your bike, a double kickstand is a much safer and more convenient option. As the name suggests, double kickstands have two legs and balance the bike’s weight evenly. This prevents the (fully-loaded) bike from leaning to one side or even tipping over and making it easy to load and unload your cargo. 

At Yuba, our sole focus is on cargo bikes. Therefore – you’ll find a double kickstand on all of our current bikes allowing you to embrace the #cargobikelifestyle. 

Roots Kickstand – The World’s Most Advanced Longtail Kickstand

Yuba Spicy Curry Cargo Bike Lifestyle

The Roots Double Kickstand was designed to enhance stability with a wider-than-normal span, and a hand-controlled lever for safe starts and stops while loaded down with cargo. It consists of two legs that drop down to the ground simultaneously once you pull the accompanying hand-lever down. You literally “root” the bike with one simple pull of the hand-lever that is located in the cockpit. 

Once rooted, the bike is ready to be climbed like a tree: Whether it is the little riders that want to get off or on in the back or you need two hands to load the gear, the Roots Kickstand gives unprecedented support. The two legs plant the “roots” at 30 inches wide, making it the widest longtail double kickstand available today. When ready to ride, just roll the bike forward and the two legs fold up and out of the way.

What Yuba bikes are compatible with the Roots Kickstand?

If you are the rider of a Spicy Curry or Sweet Curry model, the Roots Kickstand is the most stable and practical kickstand you can get. 

  • Park the bike without getting off first: cable-actuated with hand-lever that is mounted in cockpit 
  • Incredible stability through the two kickstand legs that spread out 30 inches wide 
  • Lightweight aluminum material
Yuba Roots Double Kickstand

Stand Together Kickstand – One For All

Stand Together Kickstand Yuba

If you are looking for a kickstand that does the job in a stable and simplistic fashion, the Stand Together Kickstand is the way to go. As the name suggests, the Stand Together Kickstand mounts to almost all available Yuba cargo bikes. 

Located in the middle of the bike, the Stand Together Kickstand provides a wide, stable base for loading up all kinds of cargo. The protective rubber on the ends of the two kickstand legs prevents the parked bike from slipping and avoids scratches on the ground. While the Roots Kickstand is actuated by the hand-lever, the Stand Together Kickstand is deployed using your feet. 

When ready to ride, you simply step on one of the ends of the kickstand, roll the bike forward and the Stand Together Kickstand folds up and out of the way. 

What Yuba bikes are compatible with the Stand Together Kickstand?

Compatible with the models from the Kombi, Boda Boda, Mundo, Spicy Curry and Sweet Curry series

  • A stable base for all rear-loading Yuba cargo bikes 
  • Protective rubber prevents slipping and avoids scratches on the ground if parked indoors 
  • Durable chromoly steel material
Stand Together Kickstand Yuba

Both of our kickstands will make your cargo bike lifestyle easier and more practical. While the Stand Together Kickstand is a solid solution that fits almost all of our bikes, the Roots Kickstand allows Spicy Curry and Sweet Curry riders to deploy the kickstand even before getting off the bike. If you want to learn more on how to find the right kickstand for your Yuba cargo bike, please don’t hesitate to contact us

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