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Would You Consider Riding A Cargo Bike To The Airport Before An International Flight?

Yuba Kombi E5 Airport Drop Off Lead

Yuba Bicycles Founder & CEO, Ben Sarrazin did just that. What bike did he ride, and why? Read below for more details on his 60 mile ride. 

Kombi E5: Not your usual airport drop-off 

It was a last minute decision. The night before heading home to Annecy, France from his visit to the new Yuba Southern California Headquarters, Yuba’s Founder & CEO was contemplating how he was going to get to Los Angeles International Airport (LAX). His choices were no different than anyone else in his situation – take a taxi, shuttle or a ride-share service? With no easy public transportation from South Orange County to LAX available, he quickly realized that since his flight didn’t depart until late in the day, he had plenty of time to take the most sustainable vehicle at his fingertips – a Yuba Kombi E5 cargo bike that was in the new office showroom.

“After my last trip to the states to open our new offices in San Juan Capistrano, California, I found myself in need of a ride to the Los Angeles International Airport (LAX). A trip that takes about an hour to an hour and half in LA traffic from the Mission Viejo hotel. With no one available for a ride, and no interest in calling a taxi, I decided to embark on a new adventure…”

Since he obviously couldn’t leave the bike at the airport, he decided that he’d set course in the morning for the closest Yuba retailer near LAX, which was eRyde. He charged up the Kombi E5’s 418Wh battery that powers its Shimano STEPS E5000 pedal-assist motor the night before, and got a good night’s rest. The next morning, he secured his luggage on the rear of the bike with a set of Yuba Cargo Straps, , put his backpack in the Yuba Bread Basket up front, and set off for eRyde from his hotel in Mission Viejo, CA.

“Strapping my bags to the back with the oh-so-handy cargo straps, and loading up the Bread Basket, I headed off on a full charge down the bike trail that snakes along the beach. One last ride to take in the sunshine and SoCal air was just what was needed before the long flight ahead – and the Kombi E5 was there to help me do just that.” 

After his 5-week stay in the United States, this one last bike ride to take in the beautiful California scenery and warm weather was just what he needed. And a ride that includes some time along California’s Pacific Coast Highway would promise some scenic roads with stunning views.

Ever Wonder Just How Far A Kombi E5 Can Take You?

The Kombi E5 was truly the perfect bike for the trip.  As a compact cargo bike with a total payload of 440 pounds and a smooth mid-drive system from Shimano, the bike easily handled the combined weight of rider & luggage while pedaling past Newport Beach, Huntington Beach and Redondo Beach.

Five hours and 67 scenic miles later, without even stopping to recharge, he arrived at eRyde LA in El Segundo, just South of the Los Angeles airport. 

Final Stop: A Yuba Dealer In The Perfect Location

eRyde LA was the perfect final stop for Ben’s cargo bike trip. Tired but happy after his adventurous ride, he left the bike with the team at eRyde and caught an 8-minute ride to LAX from one of eRyde’s staff members.

“Five hours and 67 miles later, without even stopping to recharge the 418Wh battery that powers the Shimano E5000 motor, I arrived out front of a local LA Yuba Dealer, eRyde LA. I dropped off the bike with the team and hitched a short ride over to LAX, where the next leg of my journey was about to take off. “

Embracing Yuba Smart

Ben’s ride was a great example of how cargo bikes can not only change the way you can travel in your local community, it also shows that sustainable transportation can take you to places you may not have thought of. The possibilities are endless – get inspired by Yuba Smart.

Yuba Kombi E5

Leave The Car Keys At Home.

Equipped with the reliable Shimano STEPS E5000 mid-drive system, hydraulic disc brakes for incredible stopping power and the beloved Yuba frame geometry, this compact cargo bike is perfect for your next sustainable adventure. 

Yuba Kombi E5 Airport Drop Off Lead

“Want to give it a go? Follow my trail!” 

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