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Upgrade Your Commute Contest

Win 50% off when you win our hearts.

Let’s face it, the morning commute can be brutal. Between the school drop off and the drive to the office, we’re frazzled before we even begin work for the day.

We believe our electric cargo bikes can change all that and to prove it we’re offering up 50% off the new Electric Boda Boda to the person we think has the most challenging commute.

How to apply for the Cargo Bike Commute:

  1. Tell us about your morning commute and don’t leave out any details. Explain how an Electric Boda Boda would change everything!
  2. Send your story to [email protected]
    With subject line: Application for the Cargo Bike Commute!
  3. Apply by April 15th
*Winner will be announced by 4/30. Bikes available 5/15ish Terms & Conditions apply. Continental USA Only, sorry Canada.
Electric Cargo Bike

Upgrade Your Commute Contest Terms and Conditions.

With the discount on your new cargo bike we expect the following:

  • 3 or more blog posts over the course of 3 months detailing your adventures with your Electric Boda Boda, complete with appropriate links, tags and social media connections.

  • Regular Social Media acknowledgement – @yubabicycles, #yubabikes #cargobike #whatabikecando #bikecommuting #cargobikelifestyle

  • Testimonial with photos of Electric Boda Boda cargo bike adventures sent to carryon@yubabikes within 3 months of purchase.


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