Top 10 Ways a Yuba Kombi Can Change Your Life

Kombi blue Bread Basket

There are many reasons why our beloved Kombi has become one of the most popular traditional cargo bikes since its launch. We’ve heard from happy customers around the world who shared their own stories of how this bike has changed their life, but we narrowed it down to a top 10 list to help you better understand why more and more people are joining the cargo bike family – by investing in this amazing bike.

#1: It’ll Save You Money

Gas prices are soaring right now, and are making people think more about how they can reduce their time in the car to save money. Riding a Kombi to the grocery store, restaurants, a friends’ house or even taking your child to soccer practice or gymnastics only requires a contribution from your legs – not your wallet or purse. Put the saved $$ towards your next vacation, that pair of shoes you’ve been eyeing, a date night dinner with someone special, etc.

#2: It’s Well-Equipped and Ready for Add-ons

Don’t let the Kombi’s affordable price tag fool you: we don’t cut corners on what matters: safety, stability, comfort and a great ride experience. The Kombi comes well equipped with a very stable frame and center stand – great for comfortable riding and loading. It has strong disc brakes for reliable stopping – even with your kids or cargo on the back, lights and fenders, solid wheels and grippy tires, even ergonomic grips so you can ride comfortably right from the start. Plus, it’s compatible with many of Yuba’s premium Add-ons, like the Bread Basket, the Adjustable Monkey Bars, the Baguette, and more!

#3: It’s a Smart Investment

The Kombi is an affordable yet very well-equipped and super solid cargo bike that you can do so much with. When you consider all of the things you can do on a Kombi in your local community instead of driving a gas-powered vehicle, this cargo bike pays for itself pretty quickly. Consider this: if an average gas-powered vehicle now requires $100 per fill-up, the Kombi would pay for itself in only 12 trips to the pump. The value Kombi owners get from their investment and use in a Kombi can’t be overstated.


#4: It’s Built for All of Us

The Kombi was designed as a “one size fits most” bike – so it will fit people of different heights – from 5 feet to six-feet-six inches tall. That makes it easy for multiple riders to share it easily. Its 24″ wheels and low standover height make it easy and comfortable to get on and go.

#5: Riding Bikes Makes Us Happier

As mentioned in Bicycling magazine, “when you ride, you get a spike in neurochemicals such as serotonin and dopamine that relieve pain and improve mood.” Simply put – it’s just fun. The Kombi is a mobility tool that can do so many of the same things as a gas-powered vehicle, all while feeling the wind in your face/hair, and enjoying the ride.

Kombi Blue 2 Riders

#6: Empower and Inspire Future Generations

Show your kids how much you can accomplish with a classic, human-powered bike! It’s a freedom machine that will take you anywhere you want to go. There’s also no better way to teach kids about ways to help save the planet than by traveling with them on the back of a Kombi. It sets a great example and shows them that you don’t need to hop in the car for every errand and trip. Plus, kids *love* riding on cargo bikes.

Kombi yellow going into elevator with mom & daughter

#7: Get the Best Parking Spots

One of the top benefits of all Kombi riders is the fact that they can typically park closer to their destinations. Sure, not all shopping centers or malls have bike parking – but there are plenty of other options. The Kombi comes equipped to hold one of our Pin Locks to be used for quick in & outs – like picking up take-out food. But you can also secure your bike using a cable lock or U-lock to a sign post, the side of a bench or other fixed item.

Blue Kombi Parked Vertically

#8: Doesn’t Take Up A Lot of Space

Thanks to its ingenious design, the Kombi can actually be parked standing up! So it won’t take up too much space in your apartment or garage – and you don’t need to worry about a rack to store it. And unlike that stationary bike sitting unused and taking up space, you can use your Kombi to go places!

#9: Easy to Maintain

Just hop on and ride: no need to recharge anything because it’s powered by your legs and built with quality components.

#10: It’s Just More Fun

We’ve heard so many times from Kombi owners how they just have more fun getting stuff done now that they have a cargo bike. And kids love riding them – who knew it was so easy to get them away from a screen and beg to go outside? Riding cargo bikes makes doing errands fun instead of a chore. And who doesn’t want a little more fun in their life? 


Adjustable Monkey Bars

Safety for your wiggliest passengers !

Kombi Sideboards

Bring the whole family along !




The best value for experiencing the cargo bike lifestyle

Discover the Kombi, the most affordable longtail of the Yuba range with a 440 lbs payload capacity!

Bamboo Deck Kombi

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