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Yuba Gift Guide 2021


‘Tis the season of sustainability! With the holidays just around the corner, gift giving may be on your mind. Give the gift that keeps on giving with Yuba cargo bikes and accessories. Outdoor adventures, quality time with friends & family, fun, exercise and a more sustainable lifestyle – all this comes when giving Yuba. 

Explore our holiday gift guide – complete with different categories for every type of Yuba rider. From your daily office commute, to hauling your skis to the slopes, we have everything you need to make your cargo bike lifestyle even more fun. 


Seasons Greetings: Embracing the cargo bike lifestyle all year round – no matter the weather! 

Bread Basket Cover Kit

The Bread Basket Cover Kit keeps your cargo safe and cozy in the front Bread Basket, rain or shine.

Cargo Canopy Supermarché

Let it rain, let it pour!  Introducing the Cargo Canopy for the Supermarché.

Ski Rack

Less emissions for more powder!   FIRST DELIVERY SOLD OUT Next Delivery January 2022

Gifts For The Commute: Pack it up and Lock it up!

2-Go Cargo Bags

When designing the 2-Go Bags, we thought, “Hey, what else can a bag do?” 


The Baguette was designed with a few things in mind: being weatherproof, light and sturdy, and making your bike a better-looking, more practical cargo carrier.

Pin Lock

The integrated Yuba frame lock is a simple and practical way to secure your Yuba cargo bike.

Gifts For Families: Safety, for you and some extra kiddos! 


Additional child seat for your Supercargo.

Adjustable Monkey Bars

Confidently haul your most precious cargo safely inside the Adjustable Monkey Bars. Parents love this awesome Add-On for all our long-tail cargo bike models because it provides peace of mind and a place for idle little hands.

Roots Kickstand

The widest kick-stand available today for ultimate static stability!

Gifts For Adventures: Bring it all along for the ride!

Carry-On Spicy Curry

When you say, “cargo,” we ask, “how much?” With the Carry-On, that’s no longer a question!

Go-Getter Bag

The new and improved Go-Getter Bag is here! Easily haul your life around on your Yuba Mundo Cargo Bike with this is a spacious, top-quality, pannier-style cargo bag.

Hold On Bars

Our Hold On Bars give your passengers something to love, too: a strong and steady handlebar that will help them

Stocking Stuffers: A big surprise no matter the size!

Cargo Straps

Tie-down with steel buckle perfect for attaching boxes, surfboards, guitars, tools, and other bikes to a Yuba.

Pin Lock

The integrated Yuba frame lock is a simple and practical way to secure your Yuba cargo bike.

Yuba Gift Card

Give the gift of a more sustainable lifestyle.

Give the gift of sustainability this holiday season with Yuba Bikes!

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2 thoughts on “Yuba Gift Guide 2021

  1. Phil says:

    Hi, is there any chance that you all will be bringing back the Yuba Flip Flop (cargo balance bike)? Our kid has outgrown it, but when I show people pictures of it, they love it.. so I imagine it could be a great gift for young ones.

    1. Sven says:

      Hi Phil, love to hear it! The Flip Flop is such a great bike – we currently don’t have a return of this bike planned, but should definitely consider a comeback! Best gift ever.

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