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Mid-Drive Motor Technology

We strive to offer the best cargo bike experience possible. That’s why all Yuba cargo bikes are conscientiously designed in Northern California and feature cutting-edge technology from the frame, to the disc brakes and everything in between. 

Benefits Of The Mid-Drive Motor Technology For Electric Cargo Bikes

When it comes to our motor and battery technology, we are proud to partner with premium manufacturers Bosch and Shimano. Together, we are constantly pioneering to equip all electric Yuba cargo bikes with the most advanced technology, so you have the best riding experience possible. All electric Yuba bikes feature mid-drive pedal-assist technology. Why is this important? This post will explain the benefits of mid-drive motor technology for cargo bikes.

Natural Ride Feel

Yuba is committed to using the latest technology to enhance the ride of our electric cargo bikes. As the name mid-drive implies, the motor is located in the center of the bike. With a low and central center of gravity for a balanced load, the mid-drive system delivers a more natural feeling most like riding a traditional bike. Especially when carrying heavy loads, a well-balanced mid-drive equipped Yuba cargo bike will make accelerating, stopping and the ride in general more stable and enjoyable than bikes equipped with older technology. 

Yuba Kombi E5 Shimano STEPS E5000

The mid-drive system delivers a more natural feeling most like riding a traditional bike.


Pedal-assist technology gives you full control of your ride. Don’t worry about unwanted speed bursts on narrow paths or crowded bike lanes – the system only supports you when pedaling. All motors are equipped to provide several levels of power as well, allowing you to adjust the level of assistance depending on the terrain, payload and how you’re feeling on the bike.

Long Range

The pedal-assist technology provides unmatched efficiency between the rider’s pedal stroke and the mid-drive unit, which leads to a longer range per battery charge. Unlike hub motors and the acceleration of only one wheel, the power produced by a mid-drive unit is directly translated to the chain and works synergistically with the rider’s pedaling cadence. The typical cadence for a natural ride is between 60 and 100 rpm, a rate that makes the motor work efficiently – so you can ride further. 


Yuba partners with global premium manufacturers Bosch and Shimano for mid-drive motors and batteries, so a wide network of bike shops are able to service your Yuba cargo bike. With the available resources on Bosch and Shimano’s website, you have easy access to professional maintenance tips and fun tools like Bosch’s range calculator or Shimano’s E-Tube Project for your pedal-assist cargo bike.  

Yuba Kombi E5 Mid-Drive Motor


For a high level of reliability, every pedal-assist Yuba cargo bike has a specifically designed frame to accommodate the mid-drive system. Featuring a perfectly orchestrated mid-drive unit, battery and control unit from Bosch or Shimano, your Yuba cargo bike enables the components to work in an efficient and reliable way to make your ride more enjoyable. 

Kiox Display on Yuba Spicy Curry Cargo Bike

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