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Mundo Wins Gear of the Year!


The cycling media is catching on to the life-altering abilities of cargo bikes. The Mundo has won Gear of the Year from Momentum Magazine. “This is a one-size-fits all bike with low stand over height for those who want to carry lots of cargo,” reads the story in the current 2010 Gear Issue issue of Momentum (scroll down the page to see the Mundo review). “It has probably one of the greatest load-bearing capacities of any similar cargo bike on the market.” Exactly! The Mundo V3 is flying out of Yuba headquarters in Sausalito as fast as we can have them built. Check out for retail locations or give us a call to order one direct. The Mundo V3 is the bike that can actually eliminate your need for a car or truck for doing errands. Thanks, Momentum, for recognizing all our hard work.

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