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Mundo Wins San Francisco Cargo Bike Food Drive

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Riding his trusty Mundo cargo bike, Yuba Bicycles founder Benjamin Sarrazin collected and hauled a whopping 330 pounds of food to win the trailerless cargo bike division of the Supermarket Street Sweep, an annual event to benefit the San Francisco Food Bank.

More than 7,500 pounds of food was collected overall by the roughly 150 competitors in the alley cat-style event on December 5, which included cargo and speed divisions. Racers received a manifest with a list of groceries and locations. They then pedaled through the city to collect all the items.

“It was an awesome event. People were out cheering in the streets and it was all for a good cause,” says Sarrazin, who spent $250 to buy the groceries–rice, beans, soup cans, peanut butter and pasta. He loaded all these items onto his Mundo, which is designed to help bicyclists haul bulky objects and run errands without using a car.

“This event fits exactly with the philosophy of Yuba Bicycles,” says Sarrazin, whose company is based just over the Golden Gate Bridge in Sausalito. “Cargo bikes are not only a great way to exercise and get outside, they can also reduce traffic and pollution and help build healthier communities.”

Sarrazin outfitted the long reinforced rack of his Mundo with an oversided Go-Getter pannier on one side and strapped a plastic bin on the other, stacking massive sacks of rice directly atop the rack. The Mundo’s 21-speed drivetrain helped Sarrazin handle San Francisco’s hilly terrain as he pedaled to stores from Chinatown to the Mission District.

Members and fans of Bay Area-based Rock the Bike, who use Mundos to haul music equipment to gigs, were out in force cheering and helping Sarrazin and riding their own Mundos with their children and friends loaded on the back. “I can’t wait to compete in again next year,” Sarrazin says. “We’re going for 350 pounds next time.”

2 thoughts on “Mundo Wins San Francisco Cargo Bike Food Drive

  1. Jules says:

    Trop fort Ben !

  2. Emily says:

    Bravo, winner!

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