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Electric Bicycle Outlet – Your Electric Mundo Dealer in San Francisco

Wanna know where to get your Electric Mundo in San Francisco? Talk to Len Rogers at The Electric Bicycle Outlet.  Established in 2003, EBO is in the South of Market area downtown at 660 Bryant street, San Francicso.

This from Len:

As a longtime San Francisco resident I have been riding my regular bike in the city for years and was sick and tired of showing up everywhere sweaty and out of breath.  As if the hills in the city weren’t bad enough there always seems to be a headwind and I thought that there must be a better way.  I purchased my first electric bicycle and it changed my life!  No more sweaty arrivals to work and the hills and headwinds were no longer an obsticle.  Shopping for groceries on an electric bike became much easier and convenient.  I opened Electric Bicycle Outlet in 2003 and have been bringing the joys of electric bicycles to people all over the Bay Area ever since.  In addition to the Yuba elMundo, we also carry bikes from Pedego, Hebb, kits from Cyclone and others.

Welcome, Len!

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