PRESS RELEASE: Utility Bicycle Designer Robin Sansom Joins Yuba Bicycles

Yuba Bicycles strengthens its Leadership in the Utility Bike Market

Yuba Bicycles, LLC, makers of the Mundo Cargo Bike has hired Robin Sansom, designer of the Kona Ute utility bike and former director of the Globe brand, an urban transportation product line by Specialized.  Sansom will head Yuba’s product design and development team to further Yuba’s lead in the utility bicycle market.

The market for Utility Bikes and especially Cargo Bikes continues to grow.  “You can see that the Utility Bicycle Market is really taking off because the larger bike companies are now copying the Mundo”, says Ben Sarrazin, Founder of Yuba Bicycles.  “We are jazzed to have Robin joining Yuba so that we can continue to make the most innovative Utility Bikes out there.” “I am excited to be working with Yuba where the alignment of our deep passion for this lifestyle will continue to lead to new and exciting solutions for sustainable transportation alternatives”, Sansom says.

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