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S24O by Cargo Bike

What the heck is a S24O?

The Sub-24-Overnight (S24O) is a sub-24 hour bikepacking adventure in your own back yard, sort of.  Like car camping, but better because it’s with bikes.

The S24O is for weekend warriors who don’t want to spend the weekend weeding, for families who want to get away without spending a fortune and for folks who just don’t have time for a vacation, but love biking.

How To S24O like a Pro:

A little online searching on hikes and campgrounds in your area and you’re likely to find a cornucopia of S24O possibilities. When paired with a train or ferry ride from a city center you can really get away from it all!

Keep it lightweight, keep it simple, keep it local. The best thing you can do on an S24O is to not sweat the details. If you forget something or over pack a little, it’s ok because it’s just 24 hours. If you want a pillow, a hammock or the kid’s water toys, bring em.

S24O Pack List

(Curated by the Godfather of the S24O, Grant Peterson of Rivendell Bicycle Works)

Trip like Tim:

Our ambitious and adorable engineer, Tim recently embarked on such an adventure to China Camp, CA. This is his trip in photographs.

If you’re stoked to take a trip like Tim, but have some questions about loading the bike etc. just get in touch with our Cargo Bike Experts. We’re here to help!

Ask a Yuba Cargo Bike Expert

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