It’s 2023, and e-bike rebates are launching !


While we are still waiting on federal programming to be passed, there are a few states that are stepping up. Here are two that we are super excited about:

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Have you heard about CalBike’s $10M E-Bike Affordability Campaign?

Well, they won! And they are now working with CARB (California Air Resources Board) to help implement incentives for Californian residents afford e-bikes more easily.

What we know so far: 

  • Californians living under 300% of the federal poverty level will qualify 
  • The program will launch in Q1 of 2023
  • Vouchers will likely be between $750 and $1,250 for a standard e-bike and $1,500 or more for a cargo bike 
  • Qualifying bikes include: Class 1 (up to 20 mph, pedal assist only) and Class 2 (up to 20 mph, pedal assist and throttle) e-bikes. Class 3 (up to 28 mph, pedal assist only) will not qualify
  • Bike must be purchased from a California bike shop or online from a company with a business location in California

This initiative is estimated to fund around 7,000 e-bikes, with the goal to replace as many cars as possible. Music to our ears 🙂

For more info, as well as a complete list of all state’s bike incentive programs and federal bills in progress, check out this article. 

Denver Climate Action Rebate Program


In other great news! Colorado’s Denver Climate Action Rebate program releases the next batch of e-bikes rebates on Tuesday, January 31. Get your paperwork ready in advance if you’re interested!

To qualify, you must meet one of these requirements:

  • household income below 60% of the state of Colorado’s median income
  • household income below 200% of the relevant federal poverty level
  • household income below 80% of area median income
  • enrolled in participating state programs (see link for list)

How much help can you expect?

  • Standard Rebate: $300
  • Income-Qualified Rebate: $1,200
  • An additional $200 is available for the purchase of an e-cargo bike

Contact your local Colorado Yuba dealer to see how you can use this program to purchase your cargo bike 🙂


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