Can You Really Bikepack on a Kombi Cargo Bike ?

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Heck, yeah you can… 😉 

The first leg of this Kombi adventure starts in La Balme-de-Thuy, a mountain town about 20 minutes outside of Annecy, France, and ends up right around Montélimar (about 300 km or 200 miles if you took the highway directly). 

Starting out from Yuba France headquarters, Art and his buddy, Yuba founder, Ben, peddled through the countryside for about a week in early June. 

“I had to get back my cycling legs first – and get used to the roundabouts!” 

Art has been living in Mexico for the last few years, and, as he says, the landscape is a little less diverse in elevation. 

Starting early to beat the traffic (and the heat!), they rode around Grenoble and over to Léoncel, stopping at night to camp wherever they found a quiet spot to stargaze. From there, they hit the Col de la Chaudière where they stayed with a friend in a gîte for a few nights and explored the surrounding mountains.

The final stop was Montélimar where Ben headed back home, and Art continued on to explore further south. 

The best part about the Kombi?

“It fits on the train!” 

As well as on boats … tune in to the next part of the Kombi adventure to see where Art went next! 

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