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Flip Flop Balance Bike


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Introducing the world’s first kids’ cargo bike and balance trainer in one: the Flip Flop.

Designed with the lowest seating position of all balance bikes, the Flip Flop is perfect for children ages 1 to 6. The Flip Flop teaches your child how to balance a bike without bulky training wheels by allowing them to scoot along with their feet securely on the ground.

Our patented “flippable” frame allows the bike to grows along with your child. Simply flip over the frame to add a whopping 9 inches to the bike and another year to it’s life with your little rider.

There’s even tiny cargo rack to bring all their toys, snacks and imaginary friends along for the ride.


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Your little rider will Flip Out for this little Cargo Balance Bike!

The Flip Flop cargo balance bike is the world’s first kids’ cargo bike and balance trainer in one. Designed for children ages 1.5 to 6, the Flip Flop teaches kids how to ride a bike without clumsy training wheels, allowing them to scoot along with their feet securely on the ground. Plus it comes with a tiny cargo rack to haul all their toys, snacks and imaginary friends!

The Flip Flop unique features:

1.It has a rack, like a big kid’s bike.
2.Our patented “Fippable” frame grows along with your child. Simply flip over the frame and flop the position of the bars, rack, seat and front wheel to lengthen the Flip Flop—adding an inch and extending its use for up to a year.
3. Lowest Stand Over height(11″) = youngest starting age.
4. Longest range of use of any balance bike 15 months to 6yrs old.
5. Light aluminum frame.
6. Unique and FUN color patterns.

It’s flippin’ incredible and the kiddos will go wild for the new animal prints!

5 out of 5

Grom absolutely loves the Flip Flop. I haven’t seen her get this attached to anything since her stuffed puppy she sleeps with every night. She even brings the bike with her when we have to drive somewhere. Also, she was doing laps in the living room while watching Frozen last night. Her confidence and skill on the bike has grown exponentially since last Thursday when she first started scooting around.

You have no idea the journey it took for her finally find a bike she enjoyed. I never expected for it to click for her like it did. She had not quite clicked with bikes like we hope she would have by this age. All it took was a Giraffe bike that looked close to the bike she spends the most time on, our Mundo cargo bike.

Kerry Waldman + Grom
5 out of 5

Dear Yuba Team,

I wanted to take a moment to send a huge virtual pat on the back. The flip flop kids cargo bike is world’s better than I could have dreamed. Not only is it stylistically mind blowing it is functionally the best kids bike I have ever seen. I particularly appreciate that it can flip and grow with her. My daughter is a very cautious kid and she is able to feel safe and sturdy on your great bike which enables her to have such grand adventures. My husband and I are life long bikers and spent pur pre teen years biking across the country and France with Santa Barbara Middle School (a bike based school) it feels so good to be starting our daughter off with gear that will turn her into a life long bike fan. Your products speak for themselves but it is a particular blast seeing how happy people get as we bike past. You are spreading great cheer in our family and across the Upper West Side. Keep up the great work. You all rock!

The Michael Family

The Michael Family
5 out of 5

We got our 19 month old son one four days ago and he loves it. He is short but can reach the ground on this bike. I love that the tires are solid and don’t need a tube. He has been on it every day so far.


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