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  • Electric Cargo

    Electric Cargo

    Bring more over larger distances or across hilly terrain with our premium electric cargo bikes. Multiple frame options available.
  • Full-Size Cargo

    Full-Size Cargo

    The cargo bike standard. Carry multiple passengers and easily maneuver pounds of cargo with our line of workhorse full-size cargo bikes.
  • Kids Cargo

    Kids Cargo

    Little ones deserve quality balance and cargo bikes to learn on and grow with. Our patented “flippable” bikes make that possible.
  • Compact Cargo

    Compact Cargo

    Lighter and more nimble, our compact cargo bikes allow you to carry a couple of kids or a similar weight of cargo while giving you extra flexibility with all-terrain options.
  • Front-Loader Cargo

    Front-Loader Cargo

    Carry it all up front with our front-loader bikes. Whether you prefer to see your passengers or cradle your cargo in a bucket style carrier.

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