The all-new Spicy Curry is smoking hot. Who even needs a car anymore? It takes all your favorite elements and packs them into the most innovative, safe and functional cargo bike ever made. It’s electric, with software so smart it feels like it reads your mind. Twenty miles per hour never felt so peaceful. It’s solid, with unrivaled carrying capacity. It’s the best for all your precious cargo. Learn more >


Perfect for anyone who wants an all-around compact cargo bike. Ideal for daily riding with one child plus groceries, for commuting with your laptop and a change of clothes, or even for a long-distance bicycle tour. It looks rad and it’s responsive and nimble on the road.
Learn more >


The minivan of bicycles—all the functionality and safety and none of the bummer. Take the whole family for a ride and bring along all the gear. It’s a solid cargo machine that rides like a cozy cruiser. Sit back, pass the kids water bottles and snacks, and enjoy trips to the soccer field in style. Learn more >


Remember those clumsy training wheels you learned on? With the Flip Flop, your kids won’t need ‘em. This little beast gets your kiddos used to riding their own little “cargo” bike early. It’s light, compact, and well-designed…and there’s room for a lunchbox on the back. Kids can’t get enough of this balance bike. It's flippin' incredible! Learn more >


Our bikes are packed with cool features, from cargo holds that can carry 400 lbs of rice to a child's teddy bear. We do everything we can to offer you quality bikes at a fair price.


Aka: accessories. For over eight years, we have been designing cargo bikes and accessories. We listen to our customers and fold their feedback into our designs.


We use the best brands in the Industry on our Cargo Bikes. SRAM, BionX, Shimano, Spanninga, WTB, Schwalbe tires.


We are here everyday to help answer your questions or to get a more out of your Cargo Bikes.


We expect our products to last. We pay attention to our craftsmanship. This is why we offer a lifetime warranty on all the products we make*.


We use the best brands in the Industry on our bikes. SRAM, BionX, Spanninga, WTB, Schwalbe.Our large network of awesome dealers is there to support you. Go visit them community based!

Bicycling is a movement. It's a way to reclaim our streets for our kids, our health and our planet. Nothing would be happening if it weren't for the work of non-profit organizations advocating more bike paths and bicycle friendly cities. Here are just a few that Yuba Bicycles supports: