Rock Solid

The Spicy Curry is a two-wheeled freedom machine for families or anyone else who loves to bike with things, but needs a little help up a steep hill or across a long-distance stretch. Load this bike to your heart's content, and suddenly you've got a viable alternative to the bus or your car. Be a hipper, healthier, and happier family—and still be on time to soccer practice.

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The Spicy Curry is on fire. It’s got a ton of torque. Don’t know what that means? Here’s what: you’ll get ahead of traffic when you make the jump off the stop light, and you’ll race up that last hill home, even if you’re tired from a long day and loaded down with kiddos and groceries.
The software on Spicy Curry is smarter than ever—it feel like it’s reading your mind. Press the pedals and you’re soon racing ahead of traffic. Touch the brakes and you drop that speed in no time. Twenty miles per hour with a full load has never felt so natural.


Who needs a pickup truck? With the Spicy Curry you’ve got a low-rider cargo rack so kids can jump on and off more easily than ever, and your center of gravity with a full load is rock-solid. Play around with adding Yuba accessories to fit your needs; of course they’re compatible with the Spicy Curry.

Two Year Warranty

The Spicy Curry frame comes with a 2-year warranty and features a low-rider cargo rack and a 20-inch rear wheel that lowers the bike’s center of gravity, providing a stable and safe platform for your payload. Child seats mount securely to the rear rack, allowing moms and dads to pedal kids to the park or school while getting some fresh air and exercise. Older passengers can sit on the rear by adding a Yuba Soft-Spot seat pad and Hold-On or Mini Monkey Bars.
* not applicable for commercial application




  • 6' 8" or 180cm
  • rack length 2.7″ (80 cm) width 21″ (52 cm)
  • 55lbs or 25kg


  • 1x8 Shimano Acera
  • Hydraulic Disc Brakes
  • Cromo Fork, 1.5" Steertube


  • Full-coverage fenders
  • LED lights
  • Side stand
  • 2-Year Warranty(frame)

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The Spicy Curry was chosen among 500 bicycle products by the world's largest bike show the Eurobike Show. It was awarded the Gold Award for "Special Bikes"