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The Ultimate Electric Cargo Bike

The award-winning Spicy Curry electric cargo bike now with state-of-the-art Bosch eBike performance system capable of serious climbing and unparalleled range. Parents love the extra low rear rack for added stability over their wiggly load.  Customize your cargo bike with our Awesome Add-Ons!

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The Ultimate Electric Cargo Bike

The award-winning Spicy Curry electric cargo bike now with state-of-the-art Bosch eBike performance system capable of serious climbing and unparalleled range. Parents love the extra low rear rack for added stability over their wiggly load.  Customize your cargo bike with our Awesome Add-Ons!

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With a ton of torque and responsive software, the award-winning Spicy Curry electric cargo bike is perfect for steep hills or long-distance trips. First and foremost, it comes standard with a state-of-the-art Bosch eBike performance system capable of serious climbing and unparalleled range. It features a low-rider cargo rack and a 20-inch rear wheel to lower the bike’s center of gravity and provide a stable and safe platform for your payload. The Spicy Curry comes with a two-year warranty and you can mount both child seats, seat pads, and mini hold-on bars for added security.

Reliable, well-balanced Electric Cargo Bike” – Electric Bike Report

Electric Bike Report - Spicy Curry Bosch Cargo Bike

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Eurobike winner Spicy Curry Electric Cargo Bike


  • Bosch Performance Line CX Motor + PowerPack 400
  • Practical with the Yuba Add-On cargo system
  • Carries long, bulky and tall cargo
  • Low-rider cargo rack with 20 inch rear wheel for increased stability and load safety
  • Sturdy aluminum frame
  • Hauls 300 lbs. of cargo PLUS the rider


  • Frame material: Aluminum
  • Fork: 1.5” Chromoly
  • Bosch Performance Line CX Motor + PowerPack 400
  • Drive train: Shimano Deore 10 Speed trigger
  • Wheels: Double wall 48 Spokes (rear)
  • Tires: Big Apple Plus 2.15”
  • Brakes: Shimano M396 Hydraulic
  • Cockpit: Adjustable stem
  • Weighs in at just 60 lbs. including the battery
  • Battery Range is 30 – 60 miles per charge

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5 out of 5

Love my Spicy Curry! I can actually get my kid drop to school in less time because I can bypass the cars in the drop off line. I also found an unexpected time savings in morning routine as well…….

7:15 Me: “Get ready, we are driving to school”
7:20 Me: “How come you don’t have shoes on?”
7:25 Kiddo “I can’t find them”
7:26 Me: “They are in the bin where they belong. Dont’t forget a coat…….”
7:30 Me “CLIMB IN!… BUCKLE UP!! ….We are LATE!”

7:15 Me: “Get ready, we are riding the bike to school.”
7:20 Kiddo: “Okay! I’m ready!”

Joe Lamberti
5 out of 5

As a Spicy Curry owner since late 2016, I have loved it. Getting past a few mechanical issue with the help of the Yuba team (best customer service I have ever had) I am now on the Spicy Bosh platform.

After putting a little over 5000 miles between my original unit, and the Bosh as my daily commuter it is wonderful. I have a one way commute of about 17 miles up and down hills, and the ability to mix the gearing with the levels of peddle assist is wonderful. What used to take me an hour and a half to commute when I was in shape with a single pannier on a road bike now takes me a little over an hour carrying a full load of whatever!

Bike, gear, and self are running about 430lbs and at assist level 1 on flats I can keep a good 13-15mph pace. Now throw on my wine club (12btl) delivered to the office and I don’t even notice it on the back commuting home.

It is amazing how many people stop me or approach me and ask about the bike. Once I tell them I commute on it and it will carry roughly 300lbs of cargo plus myself they are amazed.

Team Yuba thanks, your dedication to providing alternative transport that works and has numerous benefits not only to the environment but to health is applauded.

Bryan B.
5 out of 5

Long time biker. Raced road bikes, tandems (with wife), and enjoyed long distance road, mtn biking, and commuting. When I became a photographer I had to haul gear which prevented me from commuting.

Not anymore!

Love the Spicy Curry and it’s changed my life. I’m getting all my exercise in by just biking to my office and photo shoots with all the equipment I need. Cameras, lens, light stands, backdrops… CRAZY!

Clint Thayer
5 out of 5

We love our Spicy!

Living on a big hill, we are able to shop and bring a full load of groceries home with no difficulty, including a 5 gallon water bottle.

For family outings all three of us hop on the Spicy (after fighting over who gets to pedal).

Nick Gaffney
Fairfax, CA

Nicholas Gaffney
5 out of 5

We love our Spicy Curry (Bosch)! Compared to the similar Extracycle, this Yuba feels like a sporty race bike. It hauls our two daughters up the biggest hills in Seattle with ease, and has been very reliable. We had it set up with some sweet accessories like the Yepp Maxi seat, Bamboo SideBoards, Standalone Kickstand, Soft Spot seat pad and the Mini Monkey Bars. All of these Yuba accessories have worked out great.

A few other accessories I am loving are the CarSick bags and Abus Bordo Big (and Bordo Lite) locks.

We are so happy that we consulted with the owners of G&O Family Cycles in Seattle before we bought our first E-Bike. They let us know that this bike was something special, and on the first test ride I knew exactly why.

Mark Cannon
5 out of 5

A wonderful experience to ride, especially as you get used to working in tandem with the motor. I love being able to carry the whole family (2 adults, one kid, one dog in the front basket) on one bike up hills. We love running errands and taking it to the park. It works equally well for pleasure rides and for trips to the hardware store for lumber. For in-town transit, it nearly completely replaces the need for a car. I feel safe and visible on it, and like how I can choose whether to get a workout or to arrive at my destination completely sweat-free.

Daniel Wilson
5 out of 5

Purchased a Spicy Curry to bring my son to school – we live in somewhat hilly Washington, DC. I love it. Commuting time is a fraction than what it used to be. If you can afford it, I can recommend it.

5 out of 5

OMG – We LOVE our Spicy Curry! “Two adults, one child, hills” – No problem. We live in Nelson, BC Canada and ride almost all-year round. We have one of the original 2015 green Spicy Curry bikes. A match made in heaven. It has been one of our most favourite purchases. Easy on, ride, park & lock, and ride again!

Selena Davis
5 out of 5

love it! handles all the san francisco hills with ease. we can make it to the far reaches of marin and back on a single charge. kids love riding on it as well. always feels stable

Stephen Gamboa
5 out of 5

We did a lot of comparison shopping and even rented a front-box style tricycle before choosing a Spicy Curry. And what a good decision it was. It has brought a broad smile to the commute–both for me and for my two large kids (who fit nicely!). Traffic is no longer a daily hassle in life. The Bosch powertrain is refined and smooth; all hills are conquerable. The accessories are high quality, and the Spicy is nicely appointed with lights integrated into the Bosch system, disc brakes, and a Yepp-compatible rack. I am proud to say that the last time I drove my car, I found a spider web on the windshield.

Chris Hoofnagle
5 out of 5

Well, we have pretty well adopted our Spicy fully into our lives! It happened so fast! We already have about 200 miles on it in less than a month and we were gone for two weeks! So far it has obviously been hauling our two kids around everywhere. My wife and kiddos love riding it. Swim lessons, grocery store, breakfast, ice cream, the beach, you name it and if it’s local we are doing it by bike. My wife and I used to ride plenty before kids but it slowed down when we didn’t have a great bike solution for both. But now with this Spicy Curry we are really getting around! I wish we could buy a second one.

I use it for riding to work and errands. It is great to arrive to work refreshed but not sweaty from the ride. You can make it as easy or difficult as you want. So, I usually push it a little harder on the way home for a bit of a workout since I can hit the shower!

I have attached a couple of fun photos. One that all of our friends liked was the photo of a 40 pound bag of dog food on the back. The bike makes that bag look tiny! One thing that we need to figure out is a bag solution so we can more easily haul groceries. We will have to save up for a bit to afford the 2 Go Cargo Bags.

Another fun photo that gets a ton of attention is when we load for the beach. On the Spicy is my wife, two kids, two beach chairs, a quick shelter, and, beach toys! It looks pretty awesome. Some of our friends ask, “Why is she the one riding the big bike?” Ummmm, because we about fight over who gets to ride it! HA.

We ride it all over Newport Beach and Costa Mesa. I did join the aficionado program because we are stopped everywhere we go with questions about it. I have even had my photo taken several times by strangers. Some ask permission some don’t. I don’t mind, it’s just funny when they try to sneak a shot in without you noticing! HAHA!

Oh, the Spicy has literally stopped traffic……twice! Once, it was a mom wanting to ask me all about it. The second was a professional race car builder that wanted to look at the design and the welds closer. How funny.

Oh, don’t forget beer runs. A small cooler straps right on the back and holds a 12 pack with ease. Friends beg to go on beer runs when they are over at our place just as an excuse to ride it.

We do let all of our friends ride it. Everyone has the exact same reaction. They start to giggle and they say “THIS IS CRAZY!”

We both work in education. My wife is a teacher and I work for the district. So, we aren’t exactly swimming in money and riding the bike more and saving money on gas is something that is very exciting for our little family!

One last funny note. I park it inside where I work. My co-workers say I need to setup an ipad on a stand for other workers that have questions because I get pulled out 2 or 3 times a day to talk about it. Pretty funny.

Anyway, we are truly loving it.

Matthew Jennings, Costa Mesa, Ca
5 out of 5

We love our electric spicy curry. I can take my kids on so many adventures we would normally have to hop in the car for. We all much prefer the fresh air and the excitement of doing it on our bike. I always love telling people about this bike as a great option. So many fun add ons as well.

Emily Nelson

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