Who we are

Benjamin Sarrazin

Ben started Yuba Bicycles out of a shipping container in Northern California putting together steel-frame, long-tail blue Yuba Mundos.  Fourteen years later, supported by a whip-smart, passionate team in the U.S. and Europe, our aspirations are still the same: To better the planet by promoting the bicycle as an efficient transportation tool.
Pat Cunnane Yuba Bicycles

Pat Cunnane

President - COO
New to Yuba, but not the bike business Pat started in the industry sweeping floors in his local bike shop when he was 12. He has enjoyed riding and traveling the world.  Pat is active in bicycle advocacy in his hometown of Philadelphia and internationally through his involvement with People for Bikes and other advocacy organizations.
Pat rides alone, with his family and now with all three of his grandchildren on a Yuba Spicy Curry.
Yuba Team Justin

Justin Gottlieb

Director of Sales & Marketing

With more than 15 years in the bicycle industry, Justin has a wide range of experience with premium brands and events in the cycling industry. He’s a college football junkie, loves watching his daughters compete at soccer and taekwondo, and can be found riding his road bike up and down the So Cal coast on most weekends. His favorite way to commute around town? Aboard a Supercargo CL with his youngest daughter keeping him company.

Dan Profeta Yuba Bicycles

Dan Profeta

Operations Manager
Jesus Trujillo Yuba Bicycles

Jesus Trujillo

Inside Sales Representative

Kristi Shirley

Customer Service
Kristi is excited to be working with the Yuba team in her native home county of Sonoma while helping Yuba fans from all over the country. In her free time, Kristi loves exploring the town on late-night bike rides. More than anything, she is looking forward to trading in her car for a Boda Boda to get her to and from Yuba HQ.
Vaughn Hillman Yuba Bicycles

Vaughn Hillman

Customer Service, Social Media & Executive Assistant
Have a question about your Yuba? Don’t hesitate to reach out! Vaughn is always ready for customer service with a smile 🙂  Entering her second year with Yuba, she has loved diving into the bike world assisting both the executive and marketing teams.