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Side Stand

An adjustable stand that provides great support and balance for your cargo.

Spicy Curry Chainguard

You asked for it! Introducing our first chainguard for Spicy Curry Bosch.

Stand Together Kickstand

The Stand Together Kickstand provides a large, stable base for loading up all kinds of precious and traditional cargo.

Supermarché Steering Cable Kit

Replacement cables for the Supermarché and Electric Supermarché steering system.

Touch-up paint

Small Bottle of Touch-Up paint Colors available: Gloss Black – Mundo V4 frames Orange – Sweet Curry and Mundo Red

Wheelskirts for Boda Boda

Wheelskirts for the Boda Boda are standard on all Boda Boda. If you need an additional set you can order these for an extra dash of safety for small feet.

Wheelskirts for Mundo

An extra dash of safety for small feet !

Yepp Easy Fit Adapter

Custom Yuba Bracket for attaching Yepp Easy Fit child seats to the Mundo V3, V4s or Boda Boda V1 or V2.   Shipping at the end of September