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The Baguette was designed with a few things in mind: being weatherproof, sturdy, light, and making your bike a better-looking, more practical cargo carrier.

Bamboo Boards Mundo

Roll in style. Practical and stylish the Bamboo Running Boards for Mundo are a must have add-on when carrying passenger. They match the Bamboo deck and provide more comfort for your passengers or better support for cargo.

Bamboo Utility Deck Mundo

Stylish Bamboo Utility for Mundo LUX & Mundo Classic provides a sturdy platform for passengers and cargo.

Bread Basket

The Bread Basket takes the idea of a bike basket to a whole new level. Designed to hold two cases

Bread Basket Cover Kit

The Bread Basket Cover Kit keeps your cargo safe and cozy in the front Bread Basket, rain or shine.

Cargo Straps

Tie-down with steel buckle perfect for attaching boxes, surfboards, guitars, tools, and other bikes to a Yuba.

Go-Getter Bag

The new and improved Go-Getter Bag is here! Easily haul your life around on your Yuba Mundo Cargo Bike with this is a spacious, top-quality, pannier-style cargo bag.

Hold On Bars

A roost that rules! You love giving passengers a ride on your Mundo, Boda Boda or Spicy Curry

Leg up

Sometimes the kidlets need a leg up, and that’s what this aptly named accessory does.


The integrated Yuba frame lock is a simple and practical way to secure your Yuba bike.