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The Mundo LUX is the Minivan of cargo bikes. Comfortably hauls 3 kiddos, groceries and the family pet.  Added safety features like disc brakes and bright LED lights make this the perfect family bike for any growing family. This full-sized cargo bike is ready to carry anything life throws at you with ease and style.

P.S. The Mundo LUX makes a great delivery van too.

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The Mundo LUX is our super sturdy minivan on two wheels.  Frame and fork are fordged from chromoly steel, which keeps the bike solid as ever but shaves off five pounds from the finished weight.  Reinforced 1.5 inch head tube adds confidence to the ride and hydraulic brakes to allow you to stop on a dime, no matter how loaded down you may be. Parents love all the safety features such as LED lights powered by a front dynamo-powered, sturdy center stand, and full coverage wheelskirts, all standard.

The Yuba Mundo Transformed my Relationship with my Sons” – Fatherly

Carry kids by cargo bike

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  • 3×8 Shimano
  • Hydraulic Disc Brakes
  • Shimano Hub Dynamo
  • Cro-Mo Frame & Fork
  • Schwalbe Big Ben Tires
  • Color Metalic Gold or Matte Olive Green
  • WTB rims
  • Fenders with wheelskirts
  • Stand Alone Double Stand
  • LED lights powered by front dynamo hub
  • Steering Stabilizer
  • Sideloaders Cargo/ Feet support
  • 2-Year Warranty (frame)
  • Hauls 440 lbs.
  • Weighs in at 58 lbs.

Click here for a Step-By-Step Assembly Video of the Mundo LUX

Video assembly V5

5 out of 5

We absolutely love our Mundo! We are a family of five with kids ages 5,3 & 1. It truly is the mini van of bicycles and that is exactly how we use it. Whether we are loading up the whole family and going to dinner, heading to the park with the kids and their scooters, making a grocery run, going paddle boarding, or taking the kids to school, the Mundo is our transportation method of choice.
The bike is very well designed and rides like a dream despite its larger size and incredible cargo capabilities. I love the kickstand, which allows the kids to climb on and off the bike by themselves. The bread basket is also a great accessory that conveniently stores just about everything for all your trips.
Our family highly recommends the Yuba Mundo!

Wade Hilderbrand
5 out of 5

I bought our custom build Mundo LUX at an event held at Yuba HQ. Test rode it with my big kids and got to meet Kate and Marc. What an awesome company, awesome product, and awesome experience! Coming from a box bike, there was an adjustment period, but I love that the Mundo is a “real bike” just longer–it handles like a long, heavy mountain bike and is easy to ride. I am excited for how this will adapt as my kids get older and start riding their own bikes sometimes and can hop on and off easily. It’s a blast to ride it off-road with them on board–something I couldn’t say for our previous box bike.

Test ride a Yuba: you’ll fall in love at first ride like I did! 😀

Seth C. Nelson
5 out of 5

We love our Mundo! We “outgrew” our bike trailer when the kid squabbles in the back started impeding forward progress. Now we all ride together, I can converse with the kiddos, and we can strap the 4 year old into the Yepp seat so tightly that he can’t reach his 5 year old sister to hit her. I’ve used it for runs to preschool, groceries, hardware store, nursery, and just about anything else in a 2-3 mile radius from our house. I particularly enjoy mystifying the grocery store courtesty clerks when I buy a full week’s worth of groceries with two children in tow, and have them bring the groceries out to the bike. The Mundo does require some strength and prior biking confidence; our petite nanny tried it and just didn’t feel comfortable enough to bike places with the kids.

St. Paulite
5 out of 5

The Yuba Mundo Lux is the Cadillac of Cargo Bikes.

I have the gold version — it turns a lot of heads and garners quite a few thumbs ups from drivers trapped impotently inside their cars while watching me glide up and down the hills of Atlanta.

I was reluctant at first to get the Mundo because I preferred the short-tail Boda Boda (which I previously owned). The Boda Boda was easier to take on transit. The Mundo does not fit on the standard front-rack of a bus and it’s slightly obnoxious to cram into a train car. Plus, at 50 pounds, you can forget about hauling it up and down stairs longer than your average front porch.

But this bike doesn’t want to be carried, it wants to be ridden – preferably with a couple kids on the back and a weeks worth of groceries on each side. I was sold after my first test ride. The stability and handling makes you forget that it’s a long-tail cargo bike. The gearing is perfect for hilly trips and I’m thankful for the hydraulic disc brakes whenever it rains. I feel safe even as my squirrely two-year-old strains to look for trains and dump trucks and excavators.

The frame not only accommodates my growing family, but my wife and I can share it too.

The Mundo Lux is a game-changer. We’ve saved money on gas, we get more exercise, and, perhaps most importantly, my kids love riding with us and are eager to start riding their own bikes!

Ben F.
5 out of 5

We’ve had our Mundo LUX for a little over year and we’ve joked about selling our car we bike so much. We have two kids and they both ride in Yepp Maxis, but we’re planning to switch the 4 year old to a Soft Spot soon. We get compliments on the bike everywhere we go, especially preschool (kids are so excited about it). We have a breadbasket and two large cargo bags and we haul loads of library books, pool gear, etc. The bike is very stable as long as the tires are properly inflated. Handling takes some getting used to but is solid (though not nimble!). Loading is easy with the double kickstand. I replaced the stock saddle as I found it uncomfortable, but otherwise it’s a great bike.

5 out of 5

I (plus my 2 and 4 year old) love the Mundo. It’s a solid, well built bike with quality components. I’ve been riding it almost daily now for the past 8 months and love it just as much as the day I put it together. Mundo has also really considered the needs of biking with your family as all the extras you can get are geared towards a comfortable ride with the kiddos- this is a big reason I decided to go with Yuba over some other long-tail bikes.

We’ve got the gold frame (with metallic speck) and man does it look good when the sun is out!

5 out of 5

Buying our family Mundo has truly changed the way our family gets around every day in Boston. I’ve been a long-time bike commuter, and when my kids were young I would do my best to add them into my usual biking setup with a rear seat or trailer. It wasn’t long until they grew out of all the standard options available for our travels.

I researched many cargo bikes that would let us continue pedaling places instead of relying on inconsistent public transportation or sitting in gridlock traffic. Yuba’s long-tail bikes immediately stood out as the most versatile option as opposed to a box bike or tricycle. If you are confident riding a regular bike, you can ride a Mundo — the learning curve is not steep. It performs like you would expect, and handles hilly terrain much better than other types of cargo frames. We have big pot holes in Boston, and this thing can handle them.

My only critique of the Mundo is one that would pertain to almost any cargo bicycle: It’s a little more difficult to maintain yourself. The rear-wheel guards are important to keep little feet out of spokes, but make adjusting disc brakes and tightening spokes a cumbersome job.

These days I can continue commuting to work and know that on days I need to pick up the kids, I can just swap bikes for the big green “minivan bike.” Both kids fit great, and the number of add-ons for young and growing passengers really helps. Best of all, my spouse has really increased her riding once the entire family was able to go places together. It’s been one of the best lifestyle decisions we have made.

4 out of 5

Oct. 2017
Big, stable, responsive, fun!
Riding a Mundo Lux. 24spd. Typical adjustments while breaking in the bike (Since July 2017). The bike is fun. It handles well with loads and it’s quick to move when unloaded. The dyno hub and lights are one of my favorites. I’ve had two kids and 70 lbs of groceries with no problem using a loaded bread basket, two Yuba go-getter bags, a Yepp seat for the little kid and the Yuba softspot with the monkeybars for the big kid. I’ve learned to keep the tires at proper pressure or else the bike has some slop under load.
Pros: quick, responsive, eye catching, great accessories-the monkeybars are great for extra bells and lights. Great stopping power!
-The disc brakes rub loud. I’ve checked everything and had two different shops’ mechanics do the same…nothing to do but listen.
-The stock seatpost bent under my 240lbs…nothing a good Thompson product couldn’t fix, but still, it’s rated at 250…
-The loading with two kids is wobbly and could knock over the bike. When loading the larger child on the back, it puts a lot of weight behind the rear axle. I had to teach the big kid not to wiggle until we’re rolling and leaning into turns.

Bill Heinrich
3 out of 5

My experience has been mixed for some obvious reasons. Both my Mundo and my wife’s Boda Boda are E-Bikes. My wife’s Boda Boda arrived with the shipping box torn apart and wet. I expected that the shipment was left out in the rain somewhere between California and Florida. I checked out the contents of the shredded box and found several things missing so I emailed the Yubabikes people in California and I attached photos of the mess I received from them. They responded well enough for me to proceed assembling the E-Boda. One major support component was sent to me along with new tubes as the front tire would no remained inflated.

My E-Mundo arrived a couple of weeks later and the condition of the shipping box was much better than the one that arrived earlier.

I contacted my sales rep in California regarding several things that were missing and he was quick to respond with assistance.

I found The YouTube videos helpful as I assembled the front ends of both bikes. I still have one small issue with a bolt that was not fully installed! The bolt is not completely screwed into the frame and a plastic strap was added to try and remedy the situation. I did not register this concern as I was somewhat disappointed with the quality of the assembly of my Mundo so I gave up as I couldn’t see how Yubabikes could remedy the situation and I did not want to disassemble and ship the bike back to California.

We now ride our E-bikes around our neighborhood and my Mundo has not fallen apart yet!

Theron Craig
5 out of 5

We got a Mundo LUX 18 months ago. First summer road it with 3 kids ages 1, 3 and 6. No e-assist but we were mostly on flat roads. LOVED IT from day one. Kids love it too. It’s incredibly fun to get around on and my kids are so happy on it. I feel really connected to them and we can chat about what we’re seeing. For the first year we were living in a condo building with terrible bike access + we could walk everywhere (urban centre) so didn’t use the bike a tonne. It was mostly our weekend fun, taking it to the beach and parks.
Just moved to a house in a small town and woah, the Mundo really shines. We roll it out of the garage and just go. Daycare drop off is a joy. Have a go getter bag (getting a second) and we can haul so much stuff including groceries. Our youngest turns 3 soon and we just took the Yepp seat off and have the almost 3 and almost 5 year old sitting on the deck with monkey bars. They love it. The oldest is almost 8 and now riding his own bike but on longer rides we could have him hop on and do a bag and drag with his bike. This thing is a two wheeled minivan.
I’m a casual cyclist so can’t say much on the components or parts but it’s all held up well in the last 18 months. It’s a lot of bike but I’m a bigger rider (6 ft) and handle it fine.
So happy we have this bike and see many more years hauling kids around to daycare and school and even taking it on longer trips to the lake. With a second go getter we could do a huge grocery shop with it. Still debating e-assist but I’ve handled the small hill on our way home just fine and our town is pretty flat. Plus I love the workout.
Highly recommend as a fun family get around and/or to replace your car. This bikes makes everyone smile!

5 out of 5

OMG- we are having so much fun with the mundo. Ive put almost 1500 miles in in the 1st 7 months alone. It took an e bike but I am riding so much more- pre school drop offs, grocery runs, playgrounds on the other side of town, date nights…

I recently got a mid drive motor installed and its opened up exploring San Francisco with my 3 year old daughter. Hills and parks on the other side of town are no problem. A dash off the beach on a whim- why not.

My commute to Sausalito from SF is readily achievable and so much fun. Its 10 min more than my car commute without the bridge toll, traffic or car maintenance + I get the enjoy the scenery of the presidio, and marin headlands. We’re excited to be on board.

Steve Bodner + His Little Rider
5 out of 5

We love our Yuba!!!! The 100 mile bike ride was amazing! The yuba was not only an amazing way to experience the ride together. High up with his safety vest on, my son Frankie loved helping hold traffic! On the back of the bike he drew almost all day–at least 4 hours. On the last day we biked with the fastest group and one of the girls who had a knee condition got to the point where she couldn’t bike anymore. The support vans were full of other tired bikers, and so we put her on the yuba and used the tow bar to pull her bike. I have to say, definitely felt like a superhero that day–remember I don’t have the electric assist!! It was especially awesome because some of the male leaders on the trip worried about me going with the fastest group on the cargo bike, and rolling into camp that way was AWESOME!!

Thanks again! Our lives are so much better with our awesome bike!!!

Minneapolis Mamas + Muffins
5 out of 5

First off, I am 6 days post-op from minor spine surgery and am counting the days until I can get on my bikes. 24 days and counting to be exact.

I purchased an OD green Mundo V5 last fall for multiple reasons, mainly for my son and I. In short, this bike is amazeballs. Sure, it’s heavy, it’s slower than most bikes and I don’t care. It brings shear happiness to my 2y/o son and I. I’m an avid mountain biker in Colorado and am currently looking forward more to getting back on the Mundo over the endless singletrack available to me. My son and I take countless trips to the store, playground, and bike paths on the Mundo. Sometimes he simply just wants to go for a quick spin around the neighborhood.

I also just purchased a flip flop for my son and the smile it put on his face melted my heart. Obviously he has some learning to do but it’s yet another wonderful product in the long line of awesome products from Yuba.

I have read previous comments about slow shipping, poor customer service, etc. and my experience has been to the contrary. Every email I have sent has been returned within a day or two at the max and contained nothing but courteous, informative, detailed responses to my questions. The products I’ve purchased have all been directly from Yuba and have arrived in a timely manner (Mundo, Yepp seat, bread basket, baguettes, go getter pannier, and flip flop balance bike).

I have owned an obscene number of mountain bikes and a couple commuters. Currently I have a plush dual suspension, a fat bike, and my Mundo. Is it weird that I would be more unhappy if I had to give up the Mundo?

Yuba is one of the best bike manufacturers I’ve ever had the pleasure of dealing with and couldn’t imagine my next cargo bike purchase being from any other company. Please do not give this company a second guess. They truly care about their consumers and go to great lengths to ensure their happiness.

I’m a Yuba supporter for as long as I am able to physically pedal a bike!

Tim Keating
5 out of 5

The Mundo sure gets a lot of compliments. I’ve been giving Yuba rave reviews to everyone that asks about it. I’m a little mystified that it is so enjoyable to ride, in spite of the length and weight. I have three other bikes, one of which I’ve been riding for 33 years now. It’s always been my favorite. But the Mundo is the one I’m riding to work every day. I suppose it’s a combination of the geometry, quality components and a solid build; but I can ride the Mundo for extended periods without numb hands, or discomfort of any kind. It’s amazing. At any rate, you have a great product, and excellent service to go with it. Thanks for that!

George Carter

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