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Go-Getter Bag


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  • Cargo Bag for Yuba Mundo Cargo Bike
  • Cargo bag for Mundo Cargo Bike
  • Cargo Bag for Yuba Mundo Cargo Bike
  • Cargo Bag for Yuba Mundo Cargo Bike
  • Cargo bag for Mundo Cargo Bike
  • Cargo bag for Mundo Cargo Bike
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The New & Improved Go-Getter Bag is here!   Easily haul your life around on your Yuba Mundo Cargo Bike with this is a spacious, top-quality, pannier style cargo bag.

What’s new with the Go Getter?
First, the Go-Getter Bag now comes with REPLACEABLE CLIPS! We added dual side pockets with reflective hook-and-loop straps for safety and storage.  Now made with tougher, more durable, weather resistant materials in sleek black and gray.


Carry life by cargo bike

Portable, versatile
The all-new Go-Getter easily clips to either side of utility rack and comes standard with a handy shoulder strap for when you’re on the go but your Mundo is not. We also included many little pockets inside to keep your stuff organized.

Large Capacity
With the capacity to hold two grocery bags, the Go-Getter Bag can carry anything life throws at you. Haul backpacks, gym clothes, science projects and the groceries all at the same time.  With a handy hook-and loop-divider you can keep the class pet away from your spinach on your ride home.

• Capacity: About 80 Liters
• Colors: Black & Grey
• Weatherproof
• Attaches to the Left or Right side of the rear rack
• Can be used with other long tail bicycles
• Compatible with all versions Yuba Mundo LUX and Mundo Classic cargo bikes
• 2 year warranty

The Go Getter is not compatible with the Yepp Maxi child seat.  If your little rider is still in a seat try the Baguette instead.

5 out of 5

I can’t think of an addition more important to the Yuba Mundo than the “Go-Getter Bag” with the exception of the Breadbasket or another Go-Getter Bag. For hauling big and small stuff that can’t be tied down this bag does it with style. It goes in a grocery cart like magic. It’s also waterproof.

Bryan Bracy
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