Monkey Bars

monkey bar addon 300x200 Monkey BarsCalling all families! Keep those monkeys safe and secure. That’s the job of Yuba’s newest add-on — Monkey Bars. Fidgety hands may rest anywhere along the Monkey Bars’ aluminum frame; its inner bar for gripping, and its outer bar for protection. Accommodates multiple children with or without the Peanut Shell baby seat. Keep small feet, shoelaces and loose clothing out of rear spokes with the addition of Yuba Wheel Skirts. Do your monkeys need a leg up? Help 4–7 year olds climb into position and provide support for little feet with the Leg Up add-on. Use them all together and the entire family rides in safe and comfortable style.

- Height deck to top: 8″
- Length: 38″
- Width: 18″


Monkey Bars compatible with the Yuba Mundo V4 only.


monkeybars youtube screen Monkey Bars
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