Yuba Bicycles and Currie Technologies Partner to Launch Electric Cargo Bike

yuba bicycles and currie

PETALUMA, CA – Yuba Bicycles and Currie Technologies have teamed up to launch the Spicy Curry, a powerful electric cargo bike designed to spice up American mobility—and enable car-free living.

The Spicy Curry unites Yuba, America’s best-selling cargo bike brand, with Currie, North America’s top eBike drive system. Yuba and Currie will officially launch it at the Sea Otter Classic bike show (April 16-19), where a fleet of Spicy Curry eBikes will be available for test rides. The Spicy Curry will be ready for delivery early June.

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“The Spicy Curry is a smart transportation solution for families, tradesmen, entrepreneurs and small business owners who want to ride more, drive less, live healthier and lower their carbon footprint,” says Benjamin Sarrazin, founder and owner of Yuba Bicycles. “Shop for a week’s worth of groceries. Pedal kids to school. Lug your tools to the jobsite. Deliver pizzas. We designed the Spicy Curry to be the most practical, safe and powerful cargo bike on the market for the widest range of people.”

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The strong rear rack is like the deck of a minivan or pickup truck that allows you to carry children, groceries, tools, packages or any large object that normally requires a car. The high-torque mid-drive motor from Currie provides more power than other eBike drives on the market. Glide up hills and safely navigate city streets at 20-plus miles per hour without breaking a sweat. That’s spicy!

The Spicy Curry frame comes with a lifetime warranty and features a low-rider cargo rack and a 20-inch rear wheel that lowers the bike’s center of gravity, providing a stable and safe platform for your payload. Child seats mount securely to the rear rack, allowing moms and dads to pedal kids to the park or school while getting some fresh air and exercise. Older passengers can sit on the rear by adding a Yuba Soft-Spot seat pad and hold-on Ring.


In 2014, Larry Pizzi President of Currie Technologies and Sarrazin began collaborating to develop the Spicy Curry. It uses Currie Technologies’ Centerdrive™, an integrated mid-drive 350-watt electric motor featuring the best torque on the market, paired with their 48-volt, 8.8 Amp-hour battery allowing users to power up hills when fully loaded . Power is managed with an easy-to-reach switch on the left grip, allowing riders to choose between four levels of pedal-assist or throttle. Plug it in at night and the Spicy Curry is juiced up and ready for your adventures in the morning.

An integrated locking mechanism on the rear wheel deters theft. With best-in-class pricing, the Spicy Curry offers more value than any other electric cargo bike on the market. And the Avocado color makes this green machine a smart solution for a greener, healthier and more fun lifestyle. The name evokes the spicy personality of this eBike and the partnership with Currie Technologies. A spicy curry dish is savory, colorful and exotic. Yuba is a brand with a global ethic whose bike names (Mundo, Boda Boda) reflect the sentiment that bikes are an economical transportation solution for people around the planet.

Spicy-Curry-logo_595             Spicy-Curry-motor_595  The Bike:

  • 20 inch rear wheel for better balance.
  • Plug-in cargo system with optional Truck Bed Add-On that creates a four-foot-square cargo area.
  • Integrated adapter to easily install or remove Yepp child seats. -Two seats fit on the rear rack.
  • Secure your bike in seconds with a lock that inserts through the rear wheel and stows easily on the frame when riding.
  • Hydraulic disc brakes for stopping power.
  • Big Apple Schwalbe tires for grip, fenders and LED lights for all-weather riding.
  • Chromoly fork, sturdy 1.5 inch steerer tube for dissipating the forces of acceleration and deceleration.
  • Low battery placement for better balance.
  • Lifetime frame warranty, two year warranty on electric components.
  • Optional Add-Ons include the Roots hand lever activated double kickstand.


“Yuba wants people to experience the cargo bike lifestyle as a joyful, adventurous and fun experience,” Sarrazin says. “The Spicy Curry is a hot bike for a cool planet.”


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