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Yuba-specific Multi-tool Available

We got an email this morning from Portland’s notorious evil genius/bike hacker/filmmaker/activist, Mike Cobb, that his Yuba tool is now available to Yuba riders across the United States, not just at local Portland shops

Here’s his blurb on the tool:

Multi-tools address the inevitable: pedals come loose, tubes puncture, rims bend…..These issues most frequently occur away from home. There are over a dozen renditions of the multi-tool readily available. None of them allow you to remove a Yuba Mundo rear wheel or tension a Yuba Mundo 13ga spoke. Most of them won’t allow you to remove a Mundo’s front wheel or open a beer either!

This one does all that:
18mm socket
15mm socket
15mm pedal wrench
13ga spoke wrench
tire lever
bottle opener


The tools cost $27 + $3 shipping (in the US) and are available from Mike Cobb’s webshop.

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