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Yuba Safety Check

Keep Kids Safe with the Yuba Safety Check

You wouldn’t take your kid for a ride without a helmet, would you? Of course not. Did you know that there’s more you can do to ensure your child’s safety on the bike? Please take a minute to review the Yuba safety specifications, and ensure that your bike is compliant with the safe intended use.

If you’re riding with children under 40 lbs:

  • Children should ride in a Peanut Shell Child Seat, which should be attached firmly to the back rack.
  • Foot support should be installed and utilized.

mundo_wheelskirts_email If you’re riding with children under 18 years old (but over 40 lbs):

  • Wheel Guards are required for all passengers under 18 years old to keep shoelaces, hands and feet out of the spinning rear wheel. Purchase Wheel Guards from your local dealer or online here.
  • Educate your passengers about the dangers of spinning wheels.
  • boda_wheelskirts_emailUse foot supports for shorter passengers, and ensure that they are properly installed by checking the bolts regularly.
  • Give your passengers something to hang on to, make sure that the Hold on Bar or Rumble Strap is tight and adjusted properly for your passengers.

At Yuba Bicycles, we take the safety of our riders and their passengers very seriously. If you have any questions about best practices for safe riding with passengers, please contact your local bike dealer.

Plans to make Wheelskirts for V2 Mundos can be found here.

3 thoughts on “Yuba Safety Check

  1. ab says:

    Thanks! I somehow missed it entirely last night. I’ll call my bike shop.

  2. cargolady says:

    The Boda Boda Wheelskirt can be purchased through the Yuba Online Store: https://yubabikes.com/yubashop/utility-bicycle-accessories/110-wheel-gaurds-for-boda-boda.html

  3. ab says:

    Can you provide more information on the boda boda wheelskirt? You have the diagram up, but no links to diy specs and it doesn’t appear to be in your store. Thanks!

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