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Winter is Coming!

Here are some tips from our Yuba Cargo Bike experts to help you weather the Winter and keep on pedaling!

Don’t let the dark get you down!

Shorter daylight hours means riding in the dark. Shed some light on the ride with our super bright LED lights and Dynamo Hub front wheel. This is the ultimate upgrade for Sweet Curry, Mundo Classic and Boda Boda!


The front and rear lights never need charged and fit conveniently in a Christmas stocking. The Dynamo wheels are available in Silver or Black to perfectly match all our Yuba Cargo Bikes.

Wrap up this Ultimate Upgrade Combo for the cargo bike rider in your life!

Keep the kiddos cozy!

Check out the incredibly innovative weather canopy the Brodegard family created to keep their little riders warm in the Minneapolis Winter.
Read all about it! The Bike Year – Winter Prep

Embrace the snow!

A little snow can’t stop a Yuba Cargo Bike so go ahead a pedal on when the flakes begin to fall! Be sure to send all your best snowy cargo bike photos to us at [email protected]. Fingers crossed for snow days!


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