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What can a bike do?

We’ve been getting some really fun images of people using their Yubas in exciting and unusual ways, so we thought we’d share them. If you have a great photo of someone doing something unusual with their bike, please send it to us!

This is the Davey Jones Deli Delivery Bike. Restauranteur David Jones uses the bike to cater outdoor events throughout Marin County; the electric assist makes it easy to get home.

Aaron N uses the Yuba Mundo and a Bikes at Work trailer to help one of his students move house.

Crafter and jewelry maker Kaytea P. uses her bike to sell her wares on the street.

This guy uses his bike to take his Christmas tree home.

Cyclopsicle! - A home-made 0opsicle stand on a bike, based out of Tuscon, AZ!

This ElMundo is the delivery vehicle for Sacramento's Pizza Rock pizzeria.

Head Honcho at Yuba is celebrating his birthday today, so he got his party bike ready. You will notice that he has a barbeque as well as a blender attachment on that bike. One might draw the conclusion that the menu tonight is margaritas and hamburgers.

2 thoughts on “What can a bike do?

  1. Kaytea says:

    Thanks for letting us use that awesome picture, Mark! Double thank you for relentlessly showing people what a bike can do, day in and day out.

  2. That’s my photo of Aaron with the fridge. I have more photos here if you’d to see more:

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