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Valentine’s Day Ride

How to haul a MundoHow to haul a Mundo with a Mundo

Life is about sharing firsts.  Last weekend, I introduced a friend to the fun of riding a Mundo, and she introduced me to my first Yoga class.  First I had to pick her up, so I took my Mundo and went by the shop to pick up another Mundo for her, then rode to her house.   I love the looks I get in Sausalito hauling a Mundo around with another Mundo. Funny how nobody seems to notice the $5,000 bikes that the racer-types are riding, but everyone smiles and waves and my Mundo.  I’ll save the Yoga stories for another day, but we had a great time riding over to San Anselmo; about a 12 mile ride.

Spider webs in the morning mist

Spider webs in the morning mist

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