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Using the Cycle Analyst with the elMundo Cargo Bike

Cycle Analyst info

Voltage, Power, Speed - Screen 1

The Cycle Analyst (made by Grin Technology in Canada) is the unit that can be seen on the handle bar of the elMundo Electric Cargo Bike. The Cycle Analyst is the bicycle onboard computer; it is connected to the battery, the controller and the odometer. With the Cycle Analyst the e-bike rider can then have a sense for:
the speed in km/h or miles/ hour.
• the power used by the e-bike in Watts.
• the electric potential in Volt.
• the current in Ampere.
• the electric charge in Amp/hour.

Prior to using the Cycle Analyst and in order to really take full advantage of it,  it is essential to learn:
º to read the screen and the data provided.
º to reset the unit after having charged the battery.
º to parameter the CA properly, this includes (wheel size, shunt resistance, unit…).

The complete Cycle Analyst manual can be downloaded here.

A) How to parameter the CA?

Setting up the Cycle Analyst

Hold-on left button to set-up

The first thing to do when receiving/ installing the Cycle Analyst is to set it up properly. If this is not done prior to riding the bike, all data read on the Cycle Analyst unit might be wrong.

Step 1: Hold the left button for 2 seconds and then toggle on the right button to the various screen.

Step 2: Set the essential parameters:
• wheelsize (2065mm for the elMundo)
• unit (km/h or m/h)
• RShunt (specific to each controller)
• number of poles (see manual for details -> should be 1)

Wheelsize set-up

selecting proper wheelsize

Cycle Analyst selcting RShunt

RS Shunt setting

B) What’s on the screen and what it means?

The Cycle Analyst shows multiple screens:
# 1 the V,W,A,Ah screen.
# 2 the V,W,A, Km/h screen.
# 3 the Total W/hrs used by the bike over time.
# 4 min, max Amp screen
# 5 the screen resuming the # of cycles

The screen 1& 2 are the most important one. You will see Voltage (V),  the Power(W), Current (A) used and most importantly the consumption of current per hour (Ah). This last indication is critical since it displays how much current is left in the battery. In the picture on the left it reads 2.814Ah, assuming that the elMundo Electric Cargo Bike is using a 37V 10Ah battery, it means that there’s 7.186 Amp to be drawn from the battery. In other words when the reading gets close to 8.5 A/h, you will be running out of battery soon! So charge it! But every time your recharged the battery (fully) you need to reset the cycle analyst to 0! In order to this hold the right button for 1 second.

* if you had a 14Ah battery, the battery would run out close to 13-14Ah

Cycle Analyst

Voltage, Power, Current - Screen 1

Cycle Analyst info

Voltage, Power, Current

Cycle Analyst

Total Watt/ hrs used - Screen 3

Screen 4

Amp min- max and voltage - screen 4

Screen 5 Cycle Analyst

Number of cycles- screen 5

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2 thoughts on “Using the Cycle Analyst with the elMundo Cargo Bike

  1. sharpe says:

    A cycle analyst on a cargo-bike, nice. I recently bought a cargo-bike, a Christiania bike. When selecting it, I examined 5 bikes in all, which made the selection process moth interesting. I wrote a blog post about it, which can be read here:


    Cool banner at the top BTW, cyclist sticking together.

    Ride safely!

  2. Dan koenig says:

    After being walked through the pycho anarchist we finally got it right. In 2 Days I’ve riden 70 miles such. If I drove my car would have cost me around 30 bucks so today I saved and got out in the world on 2 wheels and Had a blast with both kids. thanks. Yuba rules.

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