How much can the Supercargo carry?

The Supermarché can carry up to 300 lbs. (136kg) plus the rider.  Payload is 220 lbs. for the front rack (99.7 kg) and 80 lbs. (36.3kg) for the rear rack.  Our seatposts will accommodate up to a 250 lb rider, which gives a total...

I'm short/tall. Will the Supercargo fit me?

Our bikes are designed to accommodate almost everyone; they are meant to be shared! We've engineered the Supermarché to comfortably fit riders from  4’9” to 6’5”.  With features like quick release seatpost collar and an adjustable...

Is the Supercargo a good cargo bike to carry kids?

Absolutely! The front cargo area of the Supermarché is spacious enough for two or three kids and the groceries.  We offer a two child jump seat with dual 3-point harnesses for both the Bamboo box and Open Loader.  In addition, there is...

Do you offer a warranty on the Supercargo?

Yes!  Yuba offers a 2-year warranty covering manufacturing defects on the frame from date of purchase, for the original owner.

How much does the Supercargo weigh?

The Supermarché weighs in at about 58 lbs. (26.3 kg) without the cargo, of course.   With a payload capacity of 300 lbs. plus the rider; this cargo bike can more than carry much more than its own weight!

How do I assemble my Supercargo?

Congratulations on your new Supermarché! Below you'll find complete instructions manual detailing the assembly and tuning of your new front-loader cargo bike. WATCH: Supermarché Assembly Video One quick note:  The Supermarché's front...

Can I carry my pets on a Yuba cargo bike?

Absolutely! The Supercargo and Supercargo CL are the perfect way to bring your favorite four legged friend along for the ride. Have them hop on into the Open Loader and they are ready to roll.  

Supercargo / Supercargo CL Child Seat Compatibility

There is room for a little one on the back of your Supercargo with the Yepp EasyFit.

Where can I find the serial number on my Supermarché + Electric Supermarché?

The serial number for the Supermarché can be found stamped on the backside of the front headset. The serial number for the Electric Supermarché can be found on the underside of the bottom cross tube.

How far does the Electric Supermarche go on a single charge?

There are many variables that need to be considered when answering this question: level of pedal assist, weight of passengers, weight of riders, weight of cargo, flat or hilly terrain, etc. In general, bikes should be able to go between 20-60...

Do I have to fully drain the battery for its first use or before I recharge it again? Do I need to unplug the battery when it is fully charged?

No, PowerPacks with their lithium-ion cells can be charged for as short a period as you like or as long, irrespective of their charge status. The PowerPack’s integrated battery management system, combined with a Bosch charger, protects the...

What happens once I order a Supercargo/CL online?

Once you order the bike, you will receive an order confirmation by email. Then our team will call you to explain the choice you have to make about assembly options: Yuba Online Store (Click & Collect): We understand that sometimes you know...

Supercargo CL Assembly

Check out the assembly tutorial here! *We recommend taking your Supercargo to a local dealer for professional assembly.

Is it easy to ride? How’s the handling?

Yes! Riding our electric front loader cargo bike will seem a bit different at first, but within minutes you’ll learn the ropes and become a pro in no time. From a comfort and pedaling standpoint - it will feel similar to a standard bike. The...

Do you have have any more details on the Bamboo Box and Open Loader dimensions?

Bamboo Box The Supercargo Bamboo Box is tapered, both front to back and top to bottom, so the dimensions are not straight forward:LengthBack to front at top: ~910 mmBack to front bottom: ~630 mmWidthTop/Front: 420 mmTop/Rear: 560...
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