How many kids can I carry on the Kombi and the Kombi E5?

The Kombi can easily fit two little riders on the rear rack; plus bulky backpacks or science projects. There’s room for three kiddos if everyone behaves! Visit our Precious Cargo page to learn more about how your little riders can graduate...

How much does the Kombi weigh?

Out of the box, the Kombi weighs in at about 50lbs. (without the precious cargo).

I am short / tall. Will the Kombi E5 or the Kombi fit me?

For sure! The Kombi E5/Kombi can comfortably fit riders from 5’ to 6’5” tall. The seat post and handlebars are fully adjustable so everyone can get the perfect fit quickly and easily. The low step-over frame allows shorter riders to get...

Which Yuba Add-Ons are compatible with the Kombi E5 and the Kombi?

Existing Add-Ons compatible with the Kombi E5 and the Kombi: Adjustable Monkey Bars Baguette Hold-On Bars Ring Bread Basket Pin Lock In addition, the Kombi rear rack is fully compatible with the Yepp Maxi Nexxt child seat, with...

What child seat for the Kombi and the Kombi E5?

The Kombi and the Kombi E5 are fully compatible with the Yepp Nexxt Maxi child seat with room for two seats at a time. The Kombi and the Kombi E5 are NOT compatible with the Yepp Maxi Easyfit Child Seat.

Where can I find the serial number on my Kombi and kombi E5 Cargo Bike?

The serial number can be found stamped on the underside of the Bottom Bracket shell, between the pedals.

How many Mini Soft Spots fit the Kombi/Kombi E5 with 2 passengers?

​ If you are going to have both of your kids on the rear rack (and they're both big enough to be out of the Yepp seat), the best soft spot configuration is two Mini Soft Spots, so each kid will have their own place to sit.

Kombi - Assembly  Tools used in the video: Pedal Wrench Diagonal pliers/ scissors 4mm allen key 5mm allen key 6mm allen key Flathead screwdriver Phillips screwdriver 15mm wrench waterproof...

How much weight can the Kombi E5/Kombi carry?

Your Yuba Kombi and Kombi E5 can carry up to 440 lbs including the rider!!

Additional Kombi Specs

Full Bike Width x Length - 64cm x 190cm Wheelbase: 48.8 inchesWeight in pounds - 51 (pedal) / 65 (electric)  Rear Rack length - 24 inches / 61 cmRear Rack width - 16.5 cm / 6.5 inches Rear Rack Tube Diameter: 16 mm 

Kombi E5 - Assembly Video Super easy to assemble No prior experience in mechanics needed 60 min of fun to share in family!! Only basic tools required Tools used in the video: 15mm Pedal Wrench 4mm 5mm 6mm...

Kombi Child Seat Compatibility

The Kombi and the Kombi E5 are compatible with the Yepp Nexxt Maxi.

What motor is the Kombi E5 equipped with?

The Kombi E5 comes with the Shimano STEPS E5000 motor.
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