Which Add-Ons are Compatible with the Mundo V3?

Here’s a list of add-ons which are compatible with the V3:
  • Adjustable Monkey Bars
  • Go-getter Bag
  • Baguette
  • Stand Together Kickstand
  • Side Stand
  • Bamboo Boards Mundo
  • Hold-on Bars
  • Ring
  • Towing Tray Combo
  • Soft Spot Padded Seat
  • Cargo Straps
  • Deflopilator
  • Yepp Maxi Easy Fit and Adapter
  • Dynamo Hub Wheel + LED Lights Combo
  • Wheelskirts *requires some modification of wheelskirts
Sometimes Compatible:
  • *Bread Basket and QR Skewers *Some Mundo V3s may have mounts, compatibility requires use of spacers
Not Compatible:
  • Bamboo Utility Deck
  • Frame Lock
  • Leg-Up
  • Fender Set Mundo

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