What type of motor is on my older Mundo?

Over the years, we’ve used a few different motors to add pedal assist to the Mundo cargo bike. The system on your bike will be identified by the type of drive system and location of the battery. Here are descriptions of the different drive systems we’ve used on our bikes:

1. The Latest All New Electric Mundo

Fully equipped with the Shimano STePs E8000 motor 250W / 36V 504 Wh battery SC-E6100 Display

2. eRad motor –

This version of the elMundo LUX is powered by a 750 Watt Bafang mid-drive motor, provided by Lectric Cycles (eRAD).  We offer this motor with a 48volt, 11.6Ah battery and color LCS display. Many shops around the country will service these systems and troubleshooting information may be found on page 12 of the user manualYou can learn more about this electric mid-drive system here and you can find the user manuals here.

3. BionX motor –

We’ve offered two different BionX systems on our Yuba Mundo cargo bike, the PL350XL with a 48 volt, 8.8Ah battery used on our Mundo Classic frame and the D500DV with a 48 volt, 11.6 Ah battery used on our Mundo LUX (formerly Mundo V5) frame. Identifying which system you have can be done by checking the color of the battery case. The PL350HT’s battery case was grey and its hub casing is also a matte grey. The D500DV’s battery case was black and its hub casing will also be black. These systems can be serviced by any shop listed on the BionX dealer locator. Here are links to the BionX PL350XL manual and the BionX D500DV manual.

4. eZee motor – Yuba Mundo V3 & early versions of the Mundo Classic

You’ll know this system as it is the only one we’ve used that incorporated a front hub motor. The battery is located behind the seat tube, just under the level of the rear rack. Batteries for this system can be obtained through EBike Market Place. Here’s a link to the Yuba elMundo eZee Manual.

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