What happens once I order a Supercargo/CL online?

Once you order the bike, you will receive an order confirmation by email. Then our team will call you to explain the choice you have to make about assembly options:

  • Yuba Online Store (Click & Collect): We understand that sometimes you know exactly what you want, and choose to purchase it online from your home or office. If you happen to live in an area where there is an Authorized Yuba Retailer, we’ll make the process seamless and will send the bike there for assembly and pick-up. Our customer service team will flag your bike upon finalizing the order and will contact you regarding next steps for assembly. Make sure to select the “Dealer assembly” option and add it to your cart.  
  • Authorized Yuba Retailer: Yuba Authorized retailers are located across North America and stock the latest Yuba Cargo Bicycles. All bikes in their store are built by professionally trained mechanics to ensure that your bike is built properly, and is safe for you and your passengers. Bikes purchased from an authorized Yuba retailer are picked up as fully-assembled units, ready to ride.

Then, our team starts preparing your order to ship. Typically, orders will ship the next day.

If your bike is shipping to one of our authorized dealers, they will contact you once the bike is received.

If you opted to have the bike shipped directly to you, you will receive tracking information once the bike is officially processed through Federal Express’ system. 

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