What Add-Ons are compatible with the FastRack?

The FastRack has its own dedicated rear rack saddle bag, the DRS Bag.

Designed with the same idea as the Spicy Curry 2-Go Bag, the DRS Bag straddles the Fastrack rear rack, and is screwed directly in for stability and security. In addition, elastics are provided to adjust it to the Dual Rack System.

3 possibilities:

Low position (sideloaders): panniers on each side of the bike with flaps.
Low position 2 (sideloaders): panniers on each side of the bike without flaps for longer or bulkier items.
High position (carry-on): panniers transformed with stiffening flaps to place items on top of the rear rack, protecting them from the weather and ensuring that your cargo stays secure.

Made of 1000D Nylon, the DRS bag is waterproof and promises to follow your lead into any weather!

Additionally, the Grab & Go was designed to attach directly onto the front rack of the FastRack.

Other Compatible Add-Ons:

  • Adjustable Monkey Bars 
  • Bread Basket 
  • Hold On Bar
  • Ring
  • Mini Soft Spot (x2) 
  • Soft Spot 
  • Pin Lock 
  • Pop Top 
  • Utility Deck 
  • Thule Yepp Nexxt Maxi 

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