Spicy Curry Chain Tensioner Bearing – Maintenance and Replacement


Spicy Curry Bosch

Issue :

Bearing in chain tensioner wheel may wear quickly due to individual riding habits, causing

assembly to fail. Failure of the assembly may lead to chain contacting the frame.

This part must be checked regularly to avoid failure and possible damage to the frame.

Solution :

Adequate maintenance of chain tensioner wheel bearing.

Bearing should be checked for proper function every 150 – 200 miles (240 – 325km).

Bearing should roll smooth. If the bearing feels gritty, replace within 50-60 miles (80-100km)

Tools Needed:

4mm Allen key socket

Torque wrench – 2-14Nm

New bearing – 6803 2RS

Snap Ring Pliers


For step-by-step instructions, open file below.

Tech Notice_ Spicy Curry Chain Tensioner Wheel Maintenance and Replacement_2

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